12 Everyday Struggles Every Tall Girl Will Definitely Relate To

I got 99 problems, and what tops the list are my lengthy legs! While being tall always helps you grab eye balls and people automatically consider you a runway model but sometimes it comes with its own share of problems. Things get worse when our towering body scares people and they give you the ‘STARE’. Here are some everyday struggles which tall girls will definitely relate to.

1. When people tell you “Wow! You’re so tall!”

Yeah! I just figured that out. Thanks!

2. Feeling guilty about blocking people’s view at movie theatres.

Sorry, But I can’t help it!

3. Tired of getting asked “do you play basketball”

Yeah! If all that it takes to play is height…

4. You’re relatively more visible in the crowd

God! I hate so much attention

5. When you fall for a guy shorter than you

God! He’s so cute..but ..ummm ….erghhhh!!!

6. Hugging friends can get awkward

They’ll end up hugging your chest!

7. It’s almost impossible to wear heels

No matter how much you love those high pumps you will always end up buying kittens.

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8. When you’re too tall for almost everything

You have to stoop down in rooms with low ceilings and you ALWAYS have to mind your head.

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9. Fitting in regular seats can be a pain

Because there is never much room for our long legs.

10. Photographs with the squad are next to impossible

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11. When your crush has fallen for  a shorter girl

Damn! Such a bitch!

12. When you’re taller than your friends



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