13 Everyday Struggles Only A Night Owl Can Relate To

Sleeping is your favorite activity of the day, literally. Because the actual time when you hit the snooze button is when the sun rises in the sky and if in case you’re bound to wake up early, then God bless you, because your head is going to spin all day long.

Here are some of the everyday struggles that every hardcore insomniac will definitely relate to.


Middle of the Night


1. Coffee is your life saver


Coffee as life saver


2. Your head hurts every morning.


Head hurts every morning


3. Your friends are happy because they have at least one 3 a.m. friend.


3 AM friend


4. You crave food at midnight.


Hungry at mid night


5. You can watch a complete season in one night.


Full season in one night


 6. Someday when you try to sleep early you can’t.


you can't sleep early


7. Breakfast? What is that?


breakfast what is that

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8. All hell breaks loose if your mom finds out you were awake whole night.


awake whole night


9. You have no idea how people get up early for work out.


how to get up early for workout


10. You have to put at least 5 alarms that’ll ring every five minutes.


alarms in every five minute

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11. Your parents think you sleep for more than 12 hours a day.


sleep more than 12 hours in a day


12. Early morning lectures are just not your thing.


early morning lectures


13. You are the most energetic being at the late night parties.


late night parties

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