14 Celebrities That Sported the Bald Look And Looked Fabulous

We all love our hair and distress over the hair strands we see on our hair brushes everyday. While most of the people are busy trying different products to reverse baldness, there are celebrities who have sported the bald look with a lot of style and confidence.

1. Persis Khambatta

The first Indian model and actress who shaved off her head and went bald for the role of a Deltan navigator Lieutenant in the movie Star Trek: The Motion Pictures. She looked even hotter with the new look and was also nominated for the best actress. She died at the age of 49 in 1998.


Persis Khambatta bald head


2. Sanjay Dutt

This Bollywood hunk left every actor behind with his bald look in the movie Agneepath Returns. There wouldn’t be a hotter bald villain in the history of Indian cinema.


sanjay dutt


3. Shabana Azmi

The biggest star of her time and social activitist, Shabana Azmi shaved off her head for her role in the movie “Water” but she wasnever seen in the movie. Shabana had no regrets shaving off her head instead she flaunted the bald look with perfect attitude.


shabana azmi bald


4. Amir Khan

The actor, also known as Mr. Perfectionist, opted for the bald look for his movie Gajini and the rest is just history. No one could have justified that role better than this actor. Amir looked amazingly hot in his bald look.


amir khan


5. Lisa Ray

This beautiful Indo-canadian actress also had to shave off her head, firstly for her role in the Oscar nominated movie “Water” and then for during her chemo for the treatment of cancer. She has always expressed that she loved being bald.


lisa ray bald head


6. Ranveer Singh

This young actor and current heart-throb of many Indian women was recently seen with the bald look which he opted to justify his role of Bajirao in the movie “Bajirao Mastaani”. Ranveer looked even more handsome with the bald look.


ranveer Singh sexy best picture of him rocking look


7. Nandita Das

This beautiful actor, director and social activist also went to shave off her head for the movie “Water” but unfortunately, along with Shabana Azmi, she too was never seen in the final cut.


nandita das


8. Manisha Koirala

The beautiful actress and dancer, Manisha Koirala suffered from Ovarian Cancer in 2012 for which she had to shave her head off as a result to the chemotherapy. Her baldness didn’t stop her from being the ultra-beautiful person that she is and continued to look absolutely lovely.


manisha koirala bald


9. Natalie Portman

This gorgeous actress shaved off her head and went bald for her role in the movie ‘V for Vendetta’ in 2006.

Doesn’t she look hot?


natalie portman bald head


10. Matt Damon

For his role in Elysium, the hot and “cool-dude” actor went bald and completely knocked out everybody’s senses.


matt damon shaved head


11. Demi Moore

This tough woman shaved off her hair for her role in the 1997 movie G.I. Jane which one was that of a navy seal. She looked absolutely stunning!


demi moore bald hairstyle


12. Vin Diesel

Who doesn’t know the ‘Fast & Furious’ actor Vin Diesel, who has been redefining hotness with his baldness since forever.


Vin Diesel bald


13. Agyness Deyn

This model has always showcased a different look even with her bald ahead. Though she has grown back her hair, she has confessed that she misses the bald look.


Agyness Deyn bald


14. Jessi J

The famous singer shaved off her head on live tv for a charity that helps homeless in the UK and provides fresh water and vaccines in Africa and she looked every bit of glamorous in her new bald look.



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