15 Hilarious Jokes Only Game of Thrones Fans Will Understand

Over the years and six seasons, Game of Thrones has come to be a part of each one of our lives, whether directly or indirectly. And if you are part of some of the unhip few who are yet to see the show or read the books, then drop everything and watch it now, it is bound to get you hooked!


Apart from the hype of the show and lower interest of the books, Game of Thrones jokes and memes are rampaging through the internet like a wild herd of deer. So here’s a look at some of the funniest finds:

1. This GoT life cycle

Game of Thrones Cycle

Source: buzfeed.com


2. The true reason why Jorah left Daenerys

Jorah the Explorer

Source: buzfeed.com


3. This hilarious yet painful pun

Game of Thrones

Source: buzfeed.com


4. This perfection of this chart

GoT memes

Source: buzfeed.com


5. This illustrious piece of artwork on a bathroom door

Game of Thrones

Source: buzfeed.com


6. This accurate description of the Baratheons


Source: pinimg.com


7. This tweet on the song by Snow Patrol

Jon Snow

Source: pinimg.com


8. This bitter truth


Source: pinimg.com


9. This perfectly imagined album

GoT characters

Source: buzfeed.com


10. You’re not the only one who couldn’t forgive Stannis for killing Shireen

Duston Bakery

Source: buzfeed.com


11. When you try to explain things to someone who hasn’t seen the show

Game of Thrones memes

Source: pinimg.com


12. How Jon Snow really managed to come back

Jon Snow memes

Source: pinimg.com


13. The real reason why Joffery died


Source: pinimg.com


14. For those who still have some hope left

grand maester pycelle

Source: pinimg.com


15. This perfect response to any question, ever

GoT Season 6

Source: buzfeed.com

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