5 Companies That Have Brought Us Closer To The Future – Flying Cars

When we envision future, one thing that symbolizes it is a flying car. We tend to imagine cars hovering over building towers from all corners of a futuristic city like in the sequel of the hit movie Back To The Future. There have been flying cars prototypes built over time, with some working like choppers, while others having wings. With the recent news of Airbus developing a flying car by the year end, it is about time the concept inches one step closer to the reality. We take a look at some of the amazing flying cars that have been built over time:

1. AeroMobil

The first company to develop a flying car, currently they are working on their fourth prototype and will start taking orders from 2017. This model has a sports car feel and can take off even from grass strips after expanding its wings like an aeroplane, hence the term “AeroMobil”.


2. Moller International

The Moller Skycar can take off vertical and does not require a runway. It has fan ducts that turn vertical to lift the car off the ground and then turn horizontal to move it forward in the air. Its designer Paul Moller has been trying to build a commercially successful one since the last 40 years with over $100m dollars invested and is still persisting today!


3. PAL – V One

Personal Air and Land Vehicle One (PAL – V One) is a combination of a small car and a gyrocoptor. It has a foldable propeller to push it forward and a spinning rotor to lift it up. The first prototype was test flown in 2012 and it has started limited production that is slated to release this year.


4. Terrafugia

It began developing TF-X, their flying car from 2013. This car does not require a long runway and can vertically take off and land by extending its rotating retractable wings. On flight, it can cover 500 miles with a speed of 200mph. This one is sure to impress as it has the brains of MIT graduates working over it!


5. Airbus

One of the world’s biggest aerospace company – Airbus, intends to develop a prototype of the flying car by the end of 2017. Being a very large entity, Airbus can invest a lot of time, money and effort into its development phase. Their full scale operation is set to being from 2021 in which they intend to pick up passengers from urban traffic and drop them off at their desired destination. Pilot-less flying car is also in their mind! So, this project is definitely here to stay!


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