8 Astounding Places To Visit Via Google Street View

In the beginning, when Street View was first introduced by Google in 2007, it was restricted to urban areas of United States only. But with the advancement of technology, Google Street View has covered 48 regions all over the world and it’s still counting.

In case you don’t have enough time and money to visit all the beautiful places in the world then google street view will surely help you to check out your favorite cities in the world offering you a panoramic view with just a click, all you need to have is an internet connection and you are good to go. Here are some of the best places you would surely love to visit via Google street view.


1. Lamborghini Museum




The dream car of every human living in this world has its largest museum in Italy which can be visited by Google Street View, the virtual way of getting personal with the car of your fantasy world. The museum was inaugurated in 2001 and reviews all the milestones attained by the House of the Raging Bull.

2. Smithsonian American Art Museum




A look at some of the finest pieces of American art ever made was probably what you were looking for. Google Street View allows you to have a look at a lot of museums but the most striking one is Smithsonian American Art Museum, located in DC.

3. Sarastro, London




A must visit place on your trip to London is Sarastro which will give you the finest dining experience with exuberant display and joyous music. While you are not able to do that, we are happy to inform you that you can surely have a quick peek of the colorful restaurant through the google street view feature.

4. The White House, Washington, D.C., United


white house


Have you always wondered how exactly the house of the U.S. President, The White House, looks like? You don’t really have to file an official request to the government and take permission from various officials. In fact, you can have a round of the house at your own pace looking through each nook and corner of the house through the google street view. The virtual path is anytime better than going through all the clearance, anyway.

5. Wilson Island, Great Barrier Reef, Australia





The site of Wilson Island is breathtaking both from the inside as well as the outside. But you don’t really have to do the deep sea diving to have a look at t. Google cameras have already made the work easier for you. Just scroll the mouse and enjoy the most perfect view ever.

6. Palace of Versailles, France


palace of versailles


The Palace of Versailles  which is a hall of mirrors was earlier the French Royal residence but is now the landmark of France. The place is magnificent with aureate apartments and fountain show. It was built in the 18thcentuary.

7. Stonehenge- Wiltshire, United Kingdom




This is one of the most famous sites in the world. Stonehenge is the remains of a ring of standing stones set within earthworks. How resplendent is that?

8. TajMahal – Agra, India




If you haven’t visited the Taj Mahal in Agra, one of the 7 wonders of the world, and are not planning to do so anytime soon then check out the view of these beautiful tomb here. You would love to know that you can take a tour of the historic place just by sitting inside your comfortable house. It is one of the few places of India that are covered by the Google Street View.

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