After 40 Years, Star Wars Is Still The Most Loved Sci Fi Movie Ever

Nearly 40 years after the first “Star Wars” film debuted, the iconic sci-fi opera remains as popular as ever, and continues to capture the imaginations of multiple generations while gaining new fans each day.


star wars


But to a lot of people the reason why Star Wars remains one of the most popular movie franchises ever remains a mystery. So let’s take a look at some of the most basic and vital reasons why Star Wars is just so damn popular (and why you need to go home and watch it right this moment).

1. The rolling intro


The rolling intro


The trademark rolling intro is something that you’ve probably seen at one time or  the other in your life even if you haven’t actually seen (or god forbid, heard) of the movie.

2. The Spaceships




It’s irrefutable that everyone, disregarding their age, loves the wonder and amazement at seeing spaceships not to mention entire spaceship fights. This is what brings alive the innocent child inside each and every person who watches it.

3. The Classic Showdown between Good and Evil


The Classic Showdown between Good and Evil


The most startlingly appealing thing about Star Wars is that there is a clear distinction between good and evil and right and wrong. It makes it easy for people to choose sides and root for their heroes while following the age old battle between good and evil.

4. The soundtrack

The classic Star Wars soundtrack and the title number are things that remain in pop culture even now after 40 years of its inception! Not to mention the iconic Imperial March music which is simply something that can never be replicated.

5. The mix of old and new


The mix of old and new


Despite the age old customs of the ‘Jedi Knights’ the Star Wars universe is highly technologically advanced and showcases the perfect malleability of old and new aspects throughout. From the old styled clothes to the high tech weaponry, everything is perfectly balanced.

6. Darth Vader


Darth Vader


Amongst other things, Star Wars gave birth to one of the most iconic and purely evil villains of all time. He is a man who is ‘more machine than human’, and yet is widely loved by fans for his chaotic and evil persona. And also his force choking powers.

7. The mix of excellent and iconic characters


The mix of excellent and iconic characters


The characters of Star Wars have all grown to be well known figures despite their age old conception. From Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, Princess Leia to C3PO and R2-D2, every character is a popular figure amongst people worldwide.

8. It is infinitely quotable


It is infinitely quotable


Once you watch Star Wars, there are innumerable quotes that start to drift into your day to day vocabulary of phrases. And of course, talking like Yoda is something that every Star Wars fan has indulged in some point of time.

9. It made Sci Fi Mainstream


It made Sci Fi Mainstream


Before Star Wars, Sci-fi wasn’t a sound genre for filmmakers or even something that the public opted to see, but after the release of the movie it became a popular phenomenon and sci fi became something that producers could make a lot of money of.

10. The classic and simple story


The classic and simple story


The story is one of the simplest yet closest to the heart tales of all time. Filled with action, humour, mystery, thrill and even one of the sweetest romances of all time. After all, it’s the simple stories that catch the heart.

11. The Force


The Force


The Force is what binds the universe together and gives the Jedi Knight their exceptional power, and well, the Force is one of the most popular concepts in science fiction known till date. Not to mention the most quotable.

12. Lightsabers!




Undeniably the most powerful and most coveted weapon of all time ever, the lightsaber is the single weapon that defines the entire order of Jedi Knights unique to the Star Wars franchise. Just a single mention of the world will awaken the hidden fan inside any person ever.

 So you are yet to feast your eyes upon the cinematic wonder that is Star Wars, I suggest you put down everything and watch it right now!




For the rest of you out there, May the Force be with you.

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