After Being Declared Dead By Army This Soldier Returns Home After 7 Years

Here’s a story that gives a little more legitimacy to the bizarre plotlines that Bollywood often cooks up for us; a soldier, who had been presumed to be dead after an accident, finally returned to his home in Alwar after 7 years of absence. And how did he do it? By losing his memory and facing yet another accident that helped him regain it. If this isn’t something more dramatic than a clichéd filmy storyline than I don’t know what is.


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DharamveerYadav, aged 39, a soldier in the 66 Armoured Regiment in Dehradun, met with an accident when his car overturned over a divider while he was driving along the Chakrata Road in Dehradun who two other soldiers in the year 2009. The other soldiers managed to report back to their base units but Dharamveer had seemed to vanish into thin air and in time his death certificate was issued and the members of his family were notified of his untimely demise.

The accident was the time that he reportedly lost his memory. Dharamveer states of remember nothing from after this period of time save for begging on the streets of Haridwar only a week before returning to his home in 2016 where he declared that when he was hit by a bicycle in another accident, memories from his previous life came rushing back to him.


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It was after his second accident that Dharamveer remembered his family and his life as a soldier of the Indian army, and taking the 500 rupees that he was offered by the bicycle owner, he bought himself a ticket to Delhi. From there, he made his way back home to his village; Bhiteda, near Alwar.

His father, KailashYadav, arose in the middle of the night to knocking on the door and even considered the option of not opening it, in order to avoid the presumed drunkard that he’d have to face. But instead, when he opened the door, he was met with a miracle; his own late son standing at doorstep before him!


Source: abplive


The reunion of Dharamveer and the rest of his family comprising of his brother, his wife and two daughters, was a shocking yet truly magical and tear jerking affair. His wife Manoj Devi, spoke of how she had always believed that he would come back and even kept a fast for her husband upon the issuing of his death certificate. “It is a filmy story which I and my family have lived,” were KailashYadav’s words on the unfurling of this magical story.

Dharamveer’s future now lies with the Indian Army where he will regain his post as a soldier as was declared by Alwar district Soldier Welfare Officer, RP Yadav.

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