Books That Will Capture Your Heart If You Love Game Of Thrones

If you’re one of those people who loves watching Game of Thrones to such an extent that you’ve devoured the books as well, then it’s time to turn to greener pastures. That’s right, it’ll be a while till the next season comes out and god knows how long it’ll take before the next installment of A Song of Ice and Fire i.e. ‘Winds of Winter’ is out in bookstores. So here’s a list my personal favorites you can check out in the meanwhile, and you probably might even end up loving these ones even more!

1. The Way of Kings

Author: Brandon Sanderson
Series: The Stromlight Archive

Hands down, this may just be the most epic and radically new fantasy series I’ve ever set my hands on. Brandon Sanderson (also my favorite author) sure knows how to create a whole new world and make you fall in love with it. Surrounding the legends of the Knights Radiant and battles in the Shattered Plains, this book may seem slow in the beginning but as you progress, the events and action especially in the last 200 pages are probably going to blow your mind. This is just the first book in a projected 10 book series (the second book is out too), so this is the perfect series if you’re looking for a long term commitment.

2. The Name of the Wind

Author: Patrick Rothfuss
Series: The Kingkiller Chronicle


When it comes to gripping fantasy, Brandon Sanderson may be the king of worldbuilding, but Patrick Rothfuss has managed to whip a tale that keeps you hooked on every chapter. It has everything, from a little romance here, some jokes sprinkled there and many tears hidden behind the fierce red haired musician; Kvothe; a boy who saw an old fable come to life and destroy his entire world. Not to mention the excellent magic system surrounding ‘sympathy’. The first book in a trilogy, it doesn’t matter what you’re looking for, this is the book you need to read now.

3. Half a King

Author: Joe Abercrombie
Series: Shattered Sea

This is book that takes every moment it can get, starting out with fast paced action and our protagonist Yarvi being thrown into the sea by someone he had never expected to harm him. The young ‘half king’ manages to find his way with the help of others and ‘Nothing’. And to be honest, this book was a fresh and shorter read from all the generic fantasy books emerging these days. Another first in a trilogy of books, and a book that I devoured in just two days, if you’re looking for an action packed read that won’t consume too much of your time, this is the book to get a hold of!

4. The Eye of the World

Author: Robert Jordan
Series: The Wheel of Time

If you read fantasy on a regular basis, then you’ve probably come across this series at some point of time or the other. Robert Jordan’s epic saga (that lasted longer than his own lifespan) is less down the political and more into the unexplainable magic and prophecy line of fantasy. This fourteen book series is something that every fantasy lover needs to read, so if you’re looking for a really long time commitment, the first book is always the right place to start.

5. Gardens of the Moon

Author: Steven Erikson
Series: The Malazan Book of the Fallen
With the Malazan books, you’re not introduced to a line of new characters in a world to grow accustomed to, instead, you are thrown headfirst amidst a war and characters spring at you from each direction. With a timeline that confuses you more than the plot, these books are meant for those who love a read that makes them rack their brain side by side.

6. The White Queen

Author: Philippa Gregory
Series: The Cousins’ War
If you want to dive into a world of politics and plotting, then why not delve into the book based on the Wars of the Roses, upon which A Song of Ice and Fire is loosely based. In fact, this series even has its own T.V. show as well! So, if you’re looking for a little more Sansa in the next book you pick up, then this masterpiece by the queen of historical fiction; Philippa Gregory is bound to get you hooked!

7. The Lies of Locke Lamora

Author: Scott Lynch
Series: Gentlemen Bastard

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A littler sidestep from fantasy into pure adventure territory is bound to leave you to this book which is the first in the Gentlemen Bastard series by Scott Lynch. The trickster mastermind Lamora is the perfect protagonist for a playful tale that turns into something much more deep. Dubbed as the book world’s Ocean’s Eleven and Robinhood mashup, this is one gripping book that’ll keep you staying up late into the night.

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