Captain America Civil War: Massive Revelations In The Trailer

Captain America: Civil war is surely the most anticipated movie of 2016. Marvel came out with second trailer of Civil War a few days back which has already received more than 300 million views. The movie, which took 8 years in the making, will this time see the superheroes battling out against each other.


The movie’s plot will be tied into the aftermath of The Avengers series. After incidents of collateral damage government decides to install a system of accountability to oversee and direct the team which leads to formation of two camps, one led by Captain America who desires to stay free of the system to protect humanity and the other led by Iron man who decides to support government’s decision.

The trailer has already revealed that the movie will see Captain America battling out with Iron Man for protecting his long lost friend “Bucky” who is back in this movie after the events of Winter Soldier.

Why sudden change of heart?

Tony Stark actually made himself the face of the Superhero Registration Act, feeling an immense guilt for the lives lost due to his recklessness.  the guy used to be all about personal freedom and spitting in the government’s face. But that was before the trauma. The events of the first Avengers film left him with a serious case of Post Trauma Stress Disorder, and it was pure fear that led him to try and solve all of the world’s problems through A.I.


SPOILER WARNING: The following piece contains massive spoilers for Captain America: Civil War. You’ve been warned.

We mean that in the literal sense. Big. Ginormous. Giant. So stop reading now if you want to remain spoiler-free for the upcoming superhero movie



Spider-Man’s Civil War Debut

One good news(especially for the Spider-Man fans) is that the anticipations of Spidey being in the Civil War have finally come to an end with the second trailer.

Web slinger lands on a vehicle and says “Hey everyone”.

Winter Soldier’s (Bucky) Metal Arm

The major revelation from the second trailer which might be the biggest spoiler for the Captain America fans is a scene where Captain America and Iron Man are exchanging blows with each other and Bucky aka Winter Soldier is lying lifeless (at the backdrop of the scene which might have been missed by many) on the ground ripped off with his metal arm which most probably has been physically ripped apart by Iron Man after Bucky attempts to rip out the power cell.

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What divides and turn Avengers against each other?

Superhuman Registration Act.: Captain opposes but Tony believes that all superheroes should be registered, there should be no vigilante i.e. only conducting missions sanctioned by govt. But that can’t be as to be something more dramatic. Right?

The Winter Solider killed Iron Man’s parents : As the mind-controlled Winter Soldier, Bucky committed a lot of horrible crimes for HYDRA. It is speculated that Iron Man parents and Black Panther’s father might have been dead because of him. That shouldn’t be a spoiler if you watched Captain America: Winter Soldier closely. We see a newspaper article about Howard and Maria Stark’s death as Dr. Zola (as an A.I.) talks about Hydra manipulating Shield and who exactly is the Hydra’s lead assassin at the time and the actual title of the film? Winter Soldier. If Tony Stark finds this out in Captain America: Civil War it would explain a lot about why things get so heated so quickly.

Questions that are making every Marvel fan scratch his head:


Who’ll be fighting whom in the movie?

Iron Man fighting Captain America.


Black Panther vs Bucky.


Iron Patriot vs Falcon.


Scarlet witch fighting out with Vision.


Ant Man vs ?????

On whose side is Black Widow?

In the released trailers Black widow is seen warning Captain America to stay out of it and in an airport fighting sequence we see her taking arms alongside Iron Man. Also, just before Spiderman enters, she is seen standing behind Captain.

Would Spider Man switch his side at the end as per the comic?

The movie based on the Civil War comic book shows Spiderman switching sides in the end. Would that happen in the Captain America: Civil war too?

Who will die in the movie?

So who may be fighting their last battle in Civil War?

Iron Patriot : This one is likely the least surprising, as we have already seen in the 2ndtrailer for the movie. Whether he’s dead or simply severely injured is not clear. In a case of dramatic irony, the fact that they’ve shown us an injured War Machine in the trailer means he’s probably the least likely to actually die in the film.

Captain America : Rumors have been swirling around that Captain America may not appear in the upcoming The Avengers 3, and it’s well known that Chris Evans’ Marvel contract is running out. Captain’s death occurring during Civil War would also be quite traumatic and heartbreaking, and could propel the comic book franchise to new dramatic levels.

Iron Man : Like the deal with Captain America, Civil War sets Iron Man up in a position where his death would be extremely meaningful and dramatic – but the chances of seeing it happen compared to his anti-registration counterpart are slim. Robert Downey Jr.’s presence is undeniably one of the chief reasons behind its popularity, and the fact that the studio continues to bring him back to the negotiating table suggests that the company wants him to still be around.

Whose side are you really on??

From the trailers we can safely conclude that Captain America would have Winter Soldier (Bucky), Ant Man, Hawkeye, Falcon and Scarlet Witch on his side. On the other side, Iron Man’s team will comprise of Black Panther, Vision, Spider Man, Black Widow and Iron Patriot.

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