Famous Celebs Who Left Showbiz To Attain Nirvana

While people get fascinated with the wealth, fame and the glamorous life of a celebrity, it’s surprising to see how some celebrities have found a deeper meaning to their life. Here are some celebs who quit their glamorous livesfor a spiritual journey.

1. Angus T Jones

This cute little nincompoop who played the role of Jake Harper in the popular show “Two and a Half Men” quit the show after the tenth season as he embraced Christianity and felt that his role didn’t go well with his religious believes. The actor in 2010 became the highest paid child actor in television history at 17 netting $300,000 per episode. The actor asked the viewers to stop watching this show as it was full of filth. The actor now lives in Colorado where he visits churches to preach about God and religion.

Angus T-Jones

2. Mamta Kulkarni

Mamta Kulkarni, a former Bollywood actress of the 90s was quite popular for some of her sizzling photo-shoots but the actress disappeared from the B-town to embrace the Islam religion and marry her boyfriend, the drug kingpin Vicky Goswami.

Mamta Kulkarni

3. Sofia Hayat

The “former” actress, model, singer and Big Boss contestant has now become a nun. She is now called by the name Mother Sofia.Her Instagram bio now says:

“Sofia Hayat Gaia Mother Sofia. I am mother of all. The earth was created when I spoke the word. Om. I have awoken to spread the truth. I am the the living truth.”

She also got an Om tattoo on her forehead apart from other religious tattoos.

Sofia Hayat

4. Tanushree Dutta

The former Miss India Universe, 2004, Tanushree Dutta had just entered the Bollywood industry and had featured in two movies when something suddenly snapped within her and she decided to quit everything for a spiritual quest.  “I’ve finally found my faith in Christianity,”  the actress said in an interview.

Tanushree Dutta

5. Vinod Khanna

One of the top league Hindi movie actors, Vinod Khanna quit the name, fame and glamour to become a follower of Osho.

Vinod Khanna

6. Suchitra Sen

Bengali actress Suchitra Sen quit her acting career to work for the Ramakrishna Mission in order to find inner peace. “There was a point of time in her life when she lacked internal and familial peace. That is when she got in touch with our gurus and a desire rose in her to lead a life following the footsteps of Swami Vivekananda,” said Swami Bimalatmananda of Ramakrishna Math and Ramakrishna Mission.

Suchitra Sen

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