Happy And Gay! The Acceptance Of Homosexuality Among The NRI Parents

Several sexual revolutions in the past have challenged the cultural norms which discouraged same-sex marriages. These movements helped liberation of the society which has always considered homosexuality as a taboo. While these profound shifts in people’s perspective occurred way back in the Western society, it took a while for the Indians living abroad to accept a theory which they believed was “against their gods” and “unholy”.

One of the biggest difficulties that homosexuals of Indian descent, who wish to get married, is talking to their parents about it. Thanks to the news of the Pride Parades and similar LGBT social events which have occurred across the globe, which had spread out like wild fire, that the much conservative Indians parents  have surprisingly started taking same-sex marriages in a “somewhat” supporting way.


Here’s story of a gay couple who recently got married. Rishi Agarwal, a Hindu of Indian origin from Canada and an accountant by profession finally decided to come out of the closet and disclose his homosexuality to his parents. He confessed about his feelings for a man named Daniel Langdon and how he wished to marry him. A bit tense and anticipating a furious response from his parents’ end, Rishi was shocked to hear what his father said to him- “Son, this is your home, you’re always going to be our son, don’t ever think otherwise. We love you so much.”

In 2011, the happy couple got married after Rishi’s parents threw a big fat Hindu wedding for the couple.

Here are the highlights of the wedding ceremony.

Not only this, Mrs and Mr Agarwal launched a new chapter of PFLAG (Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays) which was mainly aimed at the South Asian community where people are still a bit narrow-minded about homosexuality.

Dan and Rishi

Gay Couple

Rishi Agarwal

Here’s another lovely story of Shannon and Seema, two girls living in the United States, with the latter from Indian descent, who celebrated their wedding bound in a beautiful ceremony. Here’s the best part- The girls got married with their parents’ consent, who were involved in every moment of the ceremony. Seema’s family were in full support of the wedding and carried her in the traditional “Doli” to the wedding venue, whereas Shannon, who wanted a tinge of American wedding to it, was walked down the aisle by her mother.

Shannon and Seema

Lesbian Wedding in USA

shannon and seema wedding pics

The wind of change brought about by the Western culture has definitely helped Indian children to “come out” to their parents. Expecting an overly furious or maybe a thrashing response, children shy away from sharing some of the most serious matters concerning their life and there can be nothing more disheartening for them. The need of the hour is for parents to lovingly embrace their child for being an LGBT and be totally supportive and not at all judging. They need to remember, it took an ample amount of courage for their child to open up to them and as parents, it is perhaps their moral obligation to support and accept their child for who he is.

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