From Hollywood To Hollyweed: All The Hollywood Sign Memes That Are Worth The Laughs

The Hollywood sign is a landmark that anyone around the world could probably recognise, but over the years the sign has braved a lot of pranksters and reformers who’ve tried to use it to spread a message or to just have a laugh.




From reading ‘OLLYWOOD’ in the ‘80s to protest Oliver-North’s Iran-Contra deal or being changed to ‘PeretWOOD’ by Ross Perot supporters in the 1992 presidential elections, the sign has gone through many changes over the years. But most recently, on new year’s day, the sign was the inspiration behind a ton of memes when pranksters changed it to read ‘HOLLYWeeD’.




So here are all the ‘They changed the HOLLYWOOD sign again’ memes to give you your daily dose of funny!

1. When people got political about the sign:


hollywood sighn


2. When people used it to get personal




 3. When people used it to send a random message to all


hollyweed again


4.  And when people used it to voice their musical opinions




5. When Star Wars nerds got in on the sign changing memes


obi man


6. When J. Cole fans got a hold of the sign




7. When they used the sign to give politics a blast from the past




8. When Harry Potter fans took it as a chance to warn the world of danger




9. And immortalise this heart-breaking spoiler


harry potter facts


10. Those Pretty Little Liars fans used it to answer the most important question ever


who is a


11. When people used it to define the laws of food


dacid bro


12. And this version of the sign that would definitely be hilarious in real life




13. Finally, when the meme just lost it’s charm


changed it again


R.I.P. HOLLYWeeD sign


dead me

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