Indian Soldier Voices The Truth About The Conditions Of The National Army In His Series of Videos

Sitting in our homes in our towns and cities in peace may make the struggles faced by the army of our nation a distant predicament. We believe that somewhere, somehow, we are helping the men who are braving violence and turmoil to keep our country safe through our support and taxes to the government. But the truth is more than meets the eye.



Tej Bahadur Yadav, from the B.S.F. battalion has taken a stand, not only for himself and his comrades, but for us, the citizens of the country to give us the truth about the true condition that our soldiers face. The shocking part, these protectors of our borders don’t even receive the food and sustenance that is necessary for maintenance of their physical and mental health.



The army receives meals of dal that is nothing but a mixture of haldi and water and nothing in the morning to awaken their senses save for a single cup of tea. So where is all the money designated for the army really going? This definitely raises a question for all of us to look into and spread to our authorities and the nation’s politicians.



So let’s let this man’s risk not be in vain, and let his voice be heard across the nation. This is a call for every Indian to share this video and raise awareness amongst whomsoever they know because every little voice matters.

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