Indian TV Serials That Need To Go Off Air Right Now

No matter how diverse the Indian audience is but some of the shows that are aired on Indian Television are so ridiculous and yet are ruling the TRP charts which makes me wonder how can the Indian audience watch such baseless shows with so much conviction. The serials today are full of orthodox content, superstitions, witch-craft practices and are devoid of any substantial content. In addition to dull plots and weak scripts, Indian television is feeding anything and everything to its audience just to gain TRPs which is why I doubt the existence of these shows and feel they should be replaced with some well scripted shows.

1. Sasural Simar Ka



The first on our hit list is this famous ColorsTV show, Sasural Simar Ka, the show that began in 2011 with a story of two sisters who wanted to do something for their family but as the show continued it went totally off track with them getting married and totally forgetting about their dreams in the midst of entire household everyday drama. And after that the show got even worse when they hit it with the unrealistic supernatural shit and turned the lead actress into the goddess of hell (pataali devi). And then what? They fucked up the show and played with the audience’s mind when the same lead actress was shown to be turned into a housefly! How lame is that?


2. Kavach…Kaali Shaktiyon Se


kavach kaali shaktiyon se


The name of this show is enough to get it off air right away. This show is based on a love story with supernatural touch. The most disheartening thing is that a fine and sensible actor like Mona Singh has actually agreed to be a part of the show. We can only hope that show ends within a few months.

But still, why Mona why?


3. Gangaa



What do the makers really think they want to show while making shows like these? A girl, getting married before age, becoming a widow and facing a new challenge every day is what the basic plotline of the show is. Firstly, how can parents even send their children for such preposterous roles that might affect their child’s mental growth just for the sake of fame and money? And then on the other hand, if these shows are made for the benefit of the society, to aware people about these orthodox traditions, then what they should do is prove their point, give a decent ending to the show and shut it for good, least make a business out of it.


4. Sath Nibhana Sathiya


sath nibhana sathiya

If there’s one show I have to choose that makes me want to pull out my hair, it would be this. This show was supposed to be showing off how a simple, uneducated girl turns out to be a sensible wife and daughter-in-law. But as the show proceeded, it got filled with all sorts of crap where the villains started dyingjust to come back out of nowhere. Even the female lead character was replaced thrice which made me wonder when the entire show would be replaced by a better storyline.


5. Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai




This never ending serial that airs on Star Plus has been (surprisingly) on the top of the TRP chartsever since it premiered in 2009. A show that has absolutely worthless storyline revolves around daily household drama.


6. Balika Vadhu


Balika badhu


This show kicked off with a great start. It had a vision and a story line that was to aware people about the child marriage and the consequences of it. But unfortunately, the show continued forever which resulted in a very weak script. The current plot of the serial shows a girl who got married during her childhood convinced the people around to stop child marriage but later witnessed her own daughter’s child marriage. Isn’t it like going back to the same place from where they took off? What did they even prove in all those years that passed? Where is the change that they wanted to deliver to their audience?


7. Thapki Pyar ki


thapki pyar ki


A girl getting insulted everyday because of her speech problem is the worst thing ever shown on television and needs to be banned immediately. The protagonist, Thapki stutters for which her mother in law keeps taunting her lowering her self confidence which makes the show completely unethical.

And the torture does not end here. There are a few channels like Star Utsav and Rishtey who are telecasting these very shows from the beginning. They are still 2 years behind the current track which means, these shows are not getting over anytime soon.

The Indian television was in a much better frame a decade ago and if the Tv channels are not getting better scripts anymore, then I would really want the shows like Dekh Bhai Dekh, Khichadi, Sarabhai vs Sarabhai to revisit our Tv screens.

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