The Inspirational TED Talk Video Of Shahrukh Khan Is Finally Out

TED talks are famous for bringing onto the stage some of the finest and inspirational personages in diverse fields of arts, technology, health and what not! A recent TED talk show brought in the first Bollywood movie star to share his insights and give his two cents to the world. He spoke, danced, gave witty comments and went on fluently to set the stage on fire! He is none other than – Shahrukh Khan.


Just like in the reel world where Shahrukh Khan charms the audience with his mesmerizing monologues, the real world too is awed by his unique presence of mind that connects his life experiences with humanity and living.

In TED talk too, he started off with drawing a common borderline with how humanity is much like an ageing superstar, who is trying to find and re-invent his own identity that his been lost in the pervasive virtual web of internet spreading in the real world that blurs the line between what is real and what is not.

The theme of the show was ‘Future You’ and Shah Rukh Khan’s take on the same truly captures and captivates us with his flawless oratory skills.

Watch the complete TED talk here:



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