These Delectable Meals KFC Offers Abroad Should Be Included In India’s KFC Menu Right Now!

I was thinking about food, thinking about meat, thinking about us what we gonna eat, I opened my eyes and realized, it was only KFC!

Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) is known worldwide for its finger licking good fried chicken and is a favorite of all chicken lovers. With branches all over the world, we checked what KFC serves abroad and some of the food items we found seemed so tempting that we want them to be included in KFC India’s menu right now. If you’re also bored of having the same mainstream dishes, have a look for yourself to find some of the most scrumptious food items on KFC’s menu abroad.

1. Chicken pot pie- KFC USA 


Chicken pot pie KFC USA


A vegetable pie topped with delicious cheesy chicken is what we are talking about here and no matter how many calories it offers, it is definitely in our list of the must try items.


2. Zinger Double Down- KFC Korea


Zinger Double Down KFC Korea


Zinger Double Down features hamburger with bacon, made of two pieces of crispy chicken patties as buns. It’s a dream burger for all chicken and bacon lovers.


3. Cream ball indulgent chocolates – KFC UK


Cream ball indulgent chocolates KFC UK


This alluring combination of dairy ice cream, chocolate sauce, decadent chunks of chocolate, all encased in a globe is something the KFCs at India must include. Didn’t just the look of it made you crave for it?

4. Poutine, macaroni salad and chicken bowl- KFC Canada


Poutine macaroni salad and chicken bowl kfc canada


Poutine is made up of chips mixed with gravy and cheese curds and chicken bowl consist of chicken swimming in gravy, mashed potatoes and corn and it must be as good as it sounds.


5. Best coffee in edible coffee cups – KFC UK


Best coffee in edible coffee cups KFC UK


These cups are made with a heat resistant form of white chocolate. How cool and economical is that? There’s no need to waste any more paper in creating the disposable coffee cups because these edible cups would be the new hot favorite.


6. Double down- KFC Philippines


Double down KFC Philippines


KFC’s double down is famous in many countries but we have picked the one we found the most delicious looking. They serve hot dog covered in a combo of mayo/cheese and wrapped with a piece of crispy fried chicken patty.


7. Chicken Porridge- KFC Singapore


Chicken Porridge KFC Singapore


We usually do not like eating porridge in our breakfast but have you ever tried chicken porridge? And over that, a KFC Chicken porridge? The flavor of KFC chicken mixed with healthy porridge is exactly want we need to have at India’s KFC outlets.


8. Deep Fried Corn Soup- KFC Japan


Deep Fried Corn Soup KFC Japan


A glob of corn potage, covered in batter and deep fried. Interesting isn’t it? Don’t you think it’s going to be finger licking good. The only way we can find out is by having it in India’s KFC menu.


9. Shrimp donuts and Egg tart – KFC Thailand


Egg tart and shrimp donuts KFC Thailand


What else do we even want more than this eggy delight and toothsome shrimp?


10. Tiramisu- KFC France


Tiramisu KFC France


So far the best looking cheese cake that has ever passed before my eyes! And just look at the presentation. KFC India needs major improvement in terms of its desserts.


11. Egg pancake wrap- KFC China


Egg pancake wrap KFC China


Sliced smoked chicken sausage, lettuce and mayo combined together is giving us major food goals!!

Till the time KFC brings these tempting meals to India, Let’s enjoy the old school classic KFC’s fried chicken right here

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