Let’s Take A Look At Why Dhoni Is The Coolest Indian Captain Till Date

M S Dhoni, by far the best and the ‘coolest’ captain of Indian Cricket Team, turns 35 today. On his birthday, let’s take a look at why Dhoni is the best captain till date.



1. A team player

The best that India wants resides in him. He plays for his country first, then for the team and puts himself at the last. Wherever he goes, he takes the team forward.

*We respect you for this ‘Kaptaan Sahab’*



2. A great decision maker

MS Dhoni is always full of surprises. All of us have seen how he makes India win at the last moment with his awesome, out of the box choices and decisions which sometimes leave us scratching our heads.

Seriously, how do u do that ?



3. Focused and Fearless

Dhoni never fails to impress the cricket fans with his fearless attitude. His only focus is on the game and how to win it for the country and he is never distracted with appreciation and criticism.



4. Backs up the young players

We have always seen him help the younger players on the field with his great words of wisdom which motivates them to play better.



5. Captain Cool

Recently, we saw how dramatically captain cool dismissed all the rumors of him getting retired when a journalist asked him about his retirement plans.

*You have a long road ahead*



6. The Winner

Everybody would agree to this, we just love it when he raises the wickets high up in the air after every time team India Wins!!


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