Milind Soman’s 76 YO Mom Sets An Inspiring Example, Does Planks Flawlessly

Human’s creativity is at its zenith when one can create innumerable and innovative excuses to not put an effort for fitness. It could be lack of time, or the fact that who will start exercising at the supposedly “old age” of say 50! Man has reasons galore to burn that extra calorie! Milind Soman is an exception, an inspiring figure for people of all groups, and now a new person is added in this list – His Mother!





Normally, on Mother’s day, we do something that we do not indulge in throughout the year – Take selfie with our mom’s and flaunt it over social media. However, the tables turned when it was Milind Soman’s mother, Usha Soman did an unimaginable feat to showcase the power of will and endurance that mother’s have! By doing planks!


It was on the occasion of Milind Soman’s campaign – One Lakh Hands For Mom. One of the founders of Pinkathon said,

“It’s a campaign named ‘One Lakh Hands for Mom’. Usha is the face of it and will be actively participating in its important events. The campaign aims at working with one lakh kids for the health and wellness of their mothers. The health of the whole family depends on the wellness of the mother, hence the campaign that will have around 300 workshops to create awareness about the same.”



Watch the speechless moment here, where she endures the plank for one and half minute:



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