Planning to take a solo trip? You might want to re-think!

We’re sure that the thousands of articles on the internet on solo traveling must have struck the chord in you to take one already. Here’s one thing we’d like you to imagine before that- Can you picture yourself eating, drinking, shopping and even hiking, all alone, all the time? Here’s why you should not be traveling alone because it’s nowhere near to self-discovery. In fact it’s creepy and makes you more of a loner.

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1. You’ll be checking your wallet every time

If you’re travelling with a friend or a group, there are a lot of expenses which can be shared. Hence, you save a lot on unnecessary overheads. If you’re alone, you’d be wandering in the cheapest streets and wouldn’t even dare to dine at the most popular restaurant because you just can’t afford it.

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2. It can get too dull or depressing at times

There will be times when you’d be commuting by train or bus. It can get very monotonous as you’ll be just sitting, staring out of the window or probably just look at the couple sitting opposite to you who’ll be enjoying every moment of their tour. If you wish to experience the night life of any city, it will get quite depressing if you don’t have your friends around. There would be no one to join your for drinks, go clubbing or even if you wish to take a city tour.



3. Traveling alone can be unsafe, especially for girls

Girls, traveling alone will not make you independent. In fact, it’ll be unsafe to be a loner in a new city, given the unwanted attention that you get. It can get very uncomfortable when strangers stare at you, giving you the creeps. Also, you always need that one person who’ll be there to take care of you.

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4. Your album would only contain selfies

Let’s face it girls! Selfies cannot always be fun! Sometimes you need to have those group photographs clicked with your friends or with bae and cherish the memories forever.

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5. Navigation can be a pain

It’s a bit silly to explore your destination walking all alone, holding a map in your hand. Watch out! You might just bump into the person opposite to you, while your eyes were on the map. Tour guides can also get boring after a while. Who wants a trip where you’re blindly following the tour guide and just listening to everything that he’s speaking. You can’t skip or make impulsive new plans, ditching the old ones, which would have been possible if the squad was around.



6. You just can’t be yourself!

When you’re travelling alone, you’re conscious of everything that you do and what others are doing around you. If you would have been accompanied by friends, you could have been the swoony, happy, reckless person you really are.

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