Pranksters Put A Pair Of Spectacles At An Art Museum And Visitors Mistook Them For ‘Modern Art’

We always wonder why some people go crazy about the works displayed in art gallery while we are just staring at them thinking “really? Is that really an art work?”  And just to know if anything literally anything in the art gallery attracts attention, two pranksters @TJCruda and @k_vinnn pulled a stunt at San Francisco’s Museum of Modern Art. The two pranksters wanted to test if the art lovers would laud any piece of work in the gallery.

So, they put a pair of spectacles on the floor of the museum to see people’s reactions (and just to clarify the spectacles were not part of the exhibition).

TJ Cruda

And soon the art lovers swarmed around the “exhibit” and started wondering about the meaning of this modern art. Some were even seen taking pictures of the spectacles. @k_vinnn uploaded the response of the onlookers on his twitter handle which went viral in seconds. The pics are truly hilarious.

TJ Cruda

TJ Cruda

TJ Cruda

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