Swami Om Evicted From The Bigg Boss House; Hits His All Time Low

Bigg Boss 10 is being considered to be the worst season of all times, all thanks to Swami Om, also known as Sadachari (certainly not) Saibaba Swami Om Ji and originally named Vinod Anand Jha, a PhD in Astrology and one amongst the most known Hindu Babas of India.

When the first episode of Bigg Boss 10 was aired in the month of October, Om Swami was being considered to be the most entertaining contestant and was expected to bring enormous TRPs to the show. Well, he certainly did bring in the TRPs but in an extremely negative way.

Swami Om was amongst the first contestants to enter the Bigg Boss house and had left host Salman Khan and audience laughing with his unstoppable antics.

But moving forward, things didn’t turn out the way they were expected to be. Swami Om started showing his true colors on the very first day itself when he talked about fellow contestant in the house, Lopamudra Raut’s dressing. As the show progressed, Swami started to disgust each housemate. His dirty antics has left the country in utter shock.

Time and again, Bigg Boss warned him for destroying the property of the house and going overboard with the tasks but what happened in the latest episode forced the makers of the show to throw him out of the house. Swami Om peed on the fellow contestants Rohan Mehra and Bani Judge during the captaincy task on which all the housemates forced him in to the jail and Bigg Boss asked him to leave the house. Despite the orders, Swami Om refused to leave the house and was forced to leave the show with the assistance of security. A source from the channel confirmed “Swami has been thrown out of the Bigg Boss house for his disgusting act. All the contestants were quite upset and Rohan and Bani couldn’t control themselves because of his pathetic behaviour. But they calmed down after some time.”


Swami Om took no time to give an interview to a TV channel after his eviction, where he told the channel that the housemates used to adulterate his food by mixing drugs in his food and told them how he was mistreated in the house and that is when he decided to stoop to such a low level and take revenge from the housemates. He called the entire house including the host Salman Khan anti-national. Also according to him, makers of the show threatened to kill him and his opponent in the captaincy task Bani J slept with Jason Shah for four days.


Previously Swami came into limelight when he abused a woman on live television, tried to defame her and slapped her. He also 9 cases lodged against him including cases of theft, he also has 7 case against him under the ARMS ACT and TADA. He was even exposed by Defense Colony Officials who found arms and ammunition in his possession.

Along with these, he’s also accused of obscenity. Swamiji allegedly kept obscene pictures of women which he used to blackmail and extort money. Several complaints have been filed against him on these grounds as well.

While Swami has now been thrown out of the Bigg Boss house, the question is why such self-proclaimed God men who are doing some of the most disgraceful acts are still being worshipped by many people?

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