Ten Nations That Give The Best Lives To Their Citizens

This planet holds 196 countries today and some of them possess so many positive traits setting them apart from the rest. Here’s a list of countries which have managed to keep their people happy in many ways. Check out the list of each country’s astonishing aspect which might make you want to invest in their real estate in the coming times!


1. Australia

This country has been ranked no.1 by the OECD (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development). Australia has managed to keep its citizens the happiest when compared to all the other countries. The criterion behind this ranking is a concept called “Life Satisfaction”. This means, the citizens are satisfied with almost everything the country has to offer in terms of health, education and living standards.  Upon a survey, the Australians gave their country a 7.3 grade out of 10 for their overall general satisfaction. The best part about the Australian Government is their emphasis on child health and well-being, also the country provides a very efficient learning platform for the children.

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2. Sweden

This country is the second best to provide the most optimal quality of life any person wishes to have. The fact that the country has prisons which are meant to rehabilitate criminals proves that the government tries to bring a reformation in the society. This also implies the low frequency of ex-criminals returning to the penitentiaries and an overall low crime rate. Who would not want to live in a country which promises safe life which people can only dream of?



3. Bhutan

While happiness is something which can vary for every person, Bhutan is a country which tops on the Gross National Happiness list. This is a concept which is not known to many and just like GDP and GNP, this also happens to measure a country’s development. The four pillars of GNH are: sustainable development, preservation and promotion of cultural values, conservation of the natural environment and establishment of good governance. With an aim to provide happiness and spiritual well-being to its citizens, Bhutan coined this concept and is definitely doing a good job at providing all-round community vitality.



4. Denmark

The country has managed to score high in providing an overall life satisfaction to its people. People have reported to encounter more positive experiences than negative. The citizens have managed to maintain a work-life balance. According to a Glassdoor report, Denmark takes care of the unemployed section of the society by providing financial support to them. The Danish enjoy “52 weeks of parental leave”, where mothers are given 18 weeks of paid leave and fathers are allowed to take 2 weeks of fully paid leave. After giving birth, nearly 79% of women re-join their previous level of employment. This figure is quite higher when compared to that of American women, which is only 59%.

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5. Switzerland

A stable economy, this country is more than just Lindts and diamond studded Rolex and Omega watches. The country has a strong political structure, a great tourist attraction due to its snow-laden Alps and an overall happiness index of 7.6. Some reports have also accorded the country with the “safest country” to live in. Despite the defence laws of the country which require the countrymen aged between 20-42 to always arm themselves with a pistol or a rifle, people have managed to keep peace among themselves and also with other countries, hence keeping  terrorism to a low rate.



6. Luxembourg

The second richest country in the world, Luxembourg is also one of the smallest countries. The beauty of the country is what it leverages upon for its economic development. It is also one of least corrupt countries in the world. This country attracts millions of tourists every year and has all the facilities to have the perfect lifestyle.



7. Canada

Canada is known to evaluate the well-being of the child population in terms of their physical health, emotional maturity, social compatibility and overall health. The government keeps a record of every child all through the adolescence and the snapshot is provided to the school at the time of the admission and the country spends more on education than any industrialized nation. The country is also popular for providing huge entrepreneurial and business opportunities to people and offers an impressive quality of life. It has the second highest standard of living as measured by GDP per capita.



8. Iceland

Iceland might be one of the cleanest countries with purity levels of water and air reaching as high as 98% and also the 4th happiest country in the world. The 99% of the population is literate and you’d often find them holding a book in their hand. Icelanders are supposed to be the most reliable people existing on the planet. They’ll have your back in times of problems. Iceland- a clean, happy, healthy and a safe country where you might think of moving next.



9. Norway

The country maybe the best place to spend your life as a youngster. Norwegians are popular for being huge party animals and the culture is too vibrant and positive. The country has developed upon its economy having been backed by its natural resources like hydroelectricity, fisheries, and petroleum production. Norway has the best famil policies where new fathers can take paid leave of upto 12 weeks and elder lies get a state pension of $1000 a month. With such friendly family policies, who wouldn’t want to move to Norway?



10. Germany

According to a survey, Germany is officially the number 1 country in terms of everything! It has the number 1 youth unemployment rate in Europe and also the employees work fewer working hours as compared to American, Asian and UK countries.  Famous for its beer festival Oktoberfest, Germany is also known for its Engineering. To name a few- a well-developed infrastructure, education, and a good quality of life is what the Germans have been promised since forever!



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