The Heart Warming Connect Of These Men With Their Beer Belly Babies Will Move All Beer Lovers!

At some time or the other, all of us have come across maternity photos in our social media feed involving a mother-to-be with a pregnant belly, some soft lighting and flowing garments and of course the loving maternal gaze.

But things take a new and unexpected turn in Germany as the brand of beer of the name Bergedorfer Bier has come up with a series of advertisements graced by men who showcase an entirely different kind of bump achievement- the beer belly!


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German brewery Bergedorfer Bier’s slogan is “brewed with love,” and together with Hamburg-based ad agency Jung von Matt/Alster they decided to capture that slogan through the magic of what might be called “beer belly paternity photography.”


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Each picture of the advertisement campaign involves a picture of a man gazing lovingly at his beer belly as if it were truly harbouring their baby!


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The lengths to which brands go to popularize their products is simply surreal!

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