These Epic Cake Fails Will Surely Make You Laugh Harder Than Ever!

Baking a cake is definitely not an easy job for everyone and there are a lot of things that can go wrong. You might look at a cake picture on the internet and think that you can totally pull it off but at times you cannot. And then you hope that the professionals would do it for you but even they mess the whole thing up. We bring to you some epic cake fails by people who tried their hand at professional baking and totally screwed it up.

1. We’re worried who felt worse? The mother who ordered this for her daughter or the daughter herself.

Epic Cake fail


2. It hurts when even the professionals make disasters

Frozen Cake


3. Oh! Close!

Cake failures

4. Polar bear or Winnie The Pooh? I’m confused

Winnie The Pooh

5. We feel sorry

Expectation vs reality

6. Oh no no no no! *Facepalm*

Cake Fails

7. Everybody will definitely REMEMBER


8. A hell lot of facelift, may be?

Cake Fails

9. what even?

Star Wars Cake

10. How could they? Like really?

Cake failures

11. When Mickey Mouse got sunburned!

Mickey mouse Cake

12. Batman turned into a Fat-man

Batman Cake

13. You asked for it, you got it!

Cake Failures

14. This can scare even a ghost away

Cake Failures

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