These Gifs Perfectly Describe Your Monday Morning Blues

Don’t we all hate the feeling that comes up every Sunday night when we are setting the alarm clock, thinking how the fun weekend went too fast and why Monday is the longest and the hardest day of the week. No Monday motivation can help the Monday morning blues. A punctual a**hole, Mondays are always tough and it takes the shit out of us. Here are few GIFs that perfectly describe our agitation towards “Mon-DIE”.


When the Monday kicks in


1. When the Monday kicks in


When the Monday kicks


2. Energy levels


Energy levels


3. Coffee to wake the dead


The morning coffee


4. Going to office feels like


Going to office feels like


5. Monday Work Mode be like


Monday Work Mode be like


6. And When nothing works fine at office


And When nothing works fine at office


7. Every single time 


And then


8. By the end


By the end


9. When you realize weekend is still 4 days away!




10. On finally getting home



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