These People Totally Forgot That Tattoos Are Actually Permanent

Tattoos have increasingly become a rage amongst all generations and because this is one thing that will stay with them forever people tend to put a lot of thought into what design they want before going to the artist.

But as always, there are a few exceptions who simply didn’t think things through and probably overlooked the fact that they’re permanent. Here’s a look at the hilarious outcomes.

1. Ink what you eat




2. This one is more shameful to the artist with terrible handwriting than the girl who got it done.



3. The poor guy doesn’t realise that he has a lot to regret.



4. Did he forget that he’s getting a spider permanently tattooed on his face?



5. O No Man!



6. So is she acute or obtuse?



7. That’s assurance for never getting laid.



8. Why would she even get that done? It’s literally shit.



9. Someone tell this guy that a double negative makes a positive. I’m betting he failed in math.



10. Well, talk about being the royal shit.



11. I sure would like to know who Brenda is right now and what she did to this guy.



12. When hanging your toddler’s drawing on the wall isn’t enough then get it etched permanently onto your skin!



13. Seems like the artist realised his mistake at the last moment and slipped that n in there.



14. This guy who is forever dressed up even when he’s not!



15. Someone needs to tell this man that his g string is showing.


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