Tips you will surely gonna need while visiting across the world

Travel freaks know very well that what should they carry for the Summer, Winter or Rainy Season. But for those who do not travel usually forget to carry many basic things which they are going to need during travel somewhere. So I am gonna tell you some very basic things which you do not think of while packing your bag or while planning of going somewhere.

I) I would suggest you to first google up the season/ temperature of that place. That    would help you in making decision whether you need to pack your clothes according    to Summer, Winter or rainy season.

II) You can also call up the nearby hotels to know the exact weather condition. They can tell you better. I have personally done this before few times.

III) Carry Face wipes. Suppose you are sweaty or because of pollution you wanna take shower and in the middle of road you can’t take shower so carrying face wipes would      surely help you.

IV) Carry First Aid Box with you in case of Emergency.

V) Carry your hat, sunglasses etc. in case of summer.












VI) In some places temperature goes well below zero degree so in that case you should have good warm clothes so you wouldn’t get sick and ruined your vacation.

VII) An extra pair of shoes in case you are going to trek there.

VIII) Use your GPS while travelling to abroad.

IX) Learn to use compass which can help you in difficult times.

X) Scan your passport and other necessary documents befor leaving.

XI) Read about the local laws of that country so you wouldn’t face any problem.

XII) Take some advice from locals. They can tell you about the best places to visit near around. Or they can also tell you the charges cab driver or any other public transport take to them so you don’t have to pay extra money or become fool.

XIII) Get a hard copy of map of that place.

XIV) Learn how to swim.

XV) Do not forget to carry suns creem or cold cream.

XVI) Roll your clothes instead of folding them, you will get more space where you can put up some other things.) Do not just focus on filling your luggage up to

XVII) Do not just focus on filling your luggage up to maximum. The lighter would be the  luggage, the more comfortable you will be.

XVIII) Pack effectively.

XIX) Make sure your ATM card works before  leaving.

XX) Better to google up about the country you are going to. You should at least know some basic things about the country.

XXI) Tell your relatives/ close friend that you are going that place and when you are going to return. So if you wouldn’t come back to the expected date, they could try to        connect you.

XXII) You should know how to take good quality pics as those will going to be your life-long memories.

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