Twitter Predicts What PM Modi Will Gift The Nation On New Year’s Eve

Since the day PM Narendra Modi announced about the ban on the old currency notes, Indians have been frantic and restless, and just when we started to settle in and got ourselves into the holiday mood, there came an announcement that PM Narendra Modi would be addressing the nation on the New Year’s Eve as well and the twitterati couldn’t help themselves but predict what the speech would be all about.

1. Can’t really be sure
twitter modi speech 1

 2. The complete nation has been invited
twitter modi 2

 3. Noted.

4. This is quite a probability
twitter modi 3
5. Stating facts!

twitter modi 5
6. Obama knows best
twitter modi 6

7. Modi ji got a point there, though

twitter modi 7

8. Everything said and done till now was a lie

modi twitter 8
9. That level of confidence
modi twitter 9

10. Be positive people

11. This party will be remembered forever

modi twitter 11

12.  Shortest, yet horrific

motro twitter 12

13.  Demonetization at its worst

modi twitter 13

14.  Remembering the “tryst with destiny”

modi twitter 14

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