Watch Ex-Shiv Sena member assaulting a lady cop

Another video that is grabbing everyone’s attention over the Internet is where Ex-Shiv Sena member Shashikant Kalgude is flogging a lady cop several times just because she stopped him from using his mobile phone while driving. The incident happened on the busy streets of Thane, Mumbai.

This man was texting through his phone while driving his SUV, suddenly a lady cop saw him violating rules and stopped him. Then she asked for his Driving License, after which he started abusing the lady to which when the lady opposed, the angry bloke started thrashing her.

After the issue went viral on the social networking sites, Shiv Sena condemned the incident and demanded a legal action against the accused.

Few questions which are being raised with the incident :

  1. For how long do we need to tolerate these political goons??
  2. They are elected by people, so why this kind of behavior with people/ public servant??
  3. Shouldn’t they be punished in a severe way so that no one dares to commit such an act again??

On a good note, the bloke has been charged under IPC section 353 (Assault or criminal force to deter public servant from discharge of his duty) & 354 (molestation).

Watch Video Here :

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