Young Sheldon Trailer Gives Us A Glimpse Of A Cuter Version Of Sheldon From The Big Bang Theory

The Big Bang Theory has been with us for almost a decade now and still we cannot have more of the astute antics of Sheldon. CBS has now come up with a prequel series focussing on the life of Sheldon Cooper alone, but a younger and a cuter version in – Young Sheldon.


Young Sheldon will revolve around the childhood of Sheldon Cooper, who is played in the original show by Jim Parsons. 9-year-old Sheldon will be portrayed by Iain Armitage, who recently appeared in HBO’s Big Little Lies.

This new teaser shows a young Cooper moving to a new high school in 9th grade with classmates much older than him, and Sheldon being the way he is, infuriates his teachers by questioning their own intelligence! He is seen to be a genius right from childhood, who highlights his superior intellectual capabilities that often lands him into trouble!

The show is expected to be aired later this year. Meanwhile, watch the trailer of the Young Sheldon here:


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