10 Cool Facts Leaked About The Latest New Apple iPhone X

The anticipation for the latest version of Apple iPhone is unmatched. iPhones have always been known to usher in a new era of innovative features, which other smartphones get ‘inspired’ by! The new iPhone will be launched today, marking its 10th anniversary. Here is a sneak peak to the expected features.




(1) Three versions

The 10th anniversary will bring in not two, but three variations of Apple smartphones. iPhone X, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8S.

(2) Face ID

iPhone X would have a face-recognizing camera sophisticated enough to detect facial expressions, and let you log in to your phone.


(3) Payments through Face ID

Face ID will be linked with Apple Pay to make payments! A leaked block of code of the Apple iPhone revealed the feature.

(4) Animojis

It was about time that animated emojis made it to the smartphones, making the chatting experience, three dimensional and more expressive!


(5) Apple Watch

The new Apple Watch will be cellular in nature. This means no need to keep an iPhone nearby, making it a standalone entity.

(6) Status Bar chopped to Half.

Apple iPhone X will have a giant front-facing camera module hanging over the top of its all-screen front. Apple would need to split the iPhone’s status bar right down the center.





(7) Apple 4K TV

If a smartphone is not enough, well brace yourselves. The new Apple TV is coming!

(8) Air Pods

The new airpods will have a charging indicator on the outside of the its case.

(9) Hexacore Processor

More over Octa-core, the new Apple iPhone will boast of a monstrous A11 processor!


(10) USB-C

Apple may ditch the lightning port for the USB-C, which it used for its earlier models.


Bonus Feature:

It will sport the vibrant OLED screen! Enough said!


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