10 Must Watch Web Series for Those Who Hate Indian Television And Its Melodramatic Daily Soaps

We understand your pain when you say you hate watching TV because of the infamous shows like Sasural Simar Ka, Naagin, Kavach etc., and we also understand that social networking is not something that can get you through for a long time. So if you have enough time to invest then switch on your systems and laptops to enjoy the not-so-popular but extremely deserving web series made by young and like-minded Indians. Watch out for these Indian web series for smart and relatable storylines with a lot of fresh and creative content.

1. Man’s World- Y Films

Y films, the youth division of the Yash Raj Films made this 4-episode long web series to support feminist issues like Gender equality, women empowerment, etc. The series focus on the daily challenges that women face and how they are neglected and often misunderstood by males. The best part about the series begins when a man steps into the shoes of a woman and goes through the same and how things get unbearable for him. Various Bollywood celebrities have made small appearances in the show at different turning points.

2. The Pitchers- TVF

Brought in by The Viral Fewer, Pitchers is a web series that is inspired by an American web series Silicon Valley. It focuses upon 4 friends who get tired of their monotonous corporate jobs and give them up to plan and run a start-up. Well, it obviously isn’t a walk in the park so you’d be seeing the various difficulties they would encounter in their journey. The first season that featured five episodes is a very successful hit and by far the best Indian web series made in terms of direction, editing and soundtrack.

3. I don’t watch TV- Arre

This web series by a digital media start-up Arre is a satire on the life of Indian television actors and how the industry and media never cuts them a slack. The series features popular actors of Indian television like Rithvik Dhanjani, Kritika Kamra, Drishti Dhami and many more. The series is a must watch for all appreciators of sarcasm and humor.


4. Permanent Roommates- TVF

Another super hit show by The Viral Fever is Permanent Roommates which is a romantic and most realistic web series. It is about a couple who after having a long distance relationship of 3-years finally decide to settle down together and contemplate marriage. They have one of the most original and wonderful storyline and have got the maximum viewership from the audience.

5. Bad Indian- Janaki Tambe Productions

If you’re not a doctor, an engineer or a lawyer, this one’s certainly for you. Bad Indian is a six-episode series on YouTube that examines the culture divide faced by young Indians living domestically and abroad. For starters, just know that dating, job interviews and parental pressure are just a few of the issues that Janeki (the central character) faces in this relatable and hilarious sit-com. We are pretty sure you wouldn’t want to miss this one.

6. A.I.SHA My Virtual Girlfriend- Arre

A.I.SHA is the latest web series amongst this list. Starring Harman Singha, popular celebrity Ranvijay Singh’s younger brother, this show is produced by the Roadies brothers Raghu Ram and Rajiv Laxman, the famous names of reality TV. The show focuses on the life of an introvert software developer who creates a virtual app which eventually becomes a sentient. The season 1 of the show was a super hit and the makers are all set to bring the season 2.

7. Bang Baja Baraat- Y Films

Another brilliant production by the Y-Films, Band Baja Baraat is one show you need to binge-watch right away. This amazingly wonderful show is based on the plot line of a big-fat wedding. 2 people, from extremely different backgrounds fall in love and decide to marry without taking the blessings from their parents. But, just 3 days before the wedding day, they finally decide to make the 2 set of parents meet and that’s when all hell breaks loose. The series falls into such everyday situations that would make you say “Oh that’s totally me”!

8. Sinskari- Viacom 18

Earlier this year, Viacom 18 launched its brand new ‘video on demand’ platform- VOOT that features an array of quirky and hilarious web series along with other daily soaps of Indian television. One such web series is Sinskari, which is an adult chat show hosted by the most ‘Sanskari’ person of Bollywood and Indian television, Mr. Alok Nath. Well, you’re sure to love the new avatar of him and enjoy see him turn from Sanskari to Sinskari.

9. Girl In The City- Bindass

Girl in the city is a web series that began in April this year and has hooked the audience then. The story is based upon the life of a girl who comes to the city of dreams, Mumbai, having her own ambitions and aspirations and focuses on her journey as she work towards them and all the different situations that she goes through.

10. Love Bites- Sony LIV

This web series, produced by Sony LIV, focuses on the romantic relationship between the 2 main protagonists and the challenges they face every day. The two of them are shown as extremely opposite individuals and how their life choices clash with the others. Their struggle to sustain the relationship and live through every moments is what best shown in the show and is one of the most amazing web series on the internet.

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