10 Reasons Why Visiting Disneyland During Christmas Is A Must

Visiting Disney land is like falling in love, you must experience it at least once in your lifetime. And if you haven’t yet, take our advice and plan your trip this Christmas. From magical lights to Christmassy desserts and iridescent colors to spectacular fireworks, it sure is a sight to behold. You’ll obviously find a lot of crowd during this season but is still worth experiencing.
Here are 10 absolutely perfect answers to your why:

1. You get to experience snow, EVERY NIGHT

disneyland christmas snow

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2. The holiday-themed rides take your excitement to the next level

chrismas themed rides

3. Sleeping beauty castles is adorned in the most beautiful way

sleeping beauty castle

4. The holiday-edition toys are children’s favorites

disney christmas toys

5. You cannot say no to the holiday-themed treats

disney christmas treats

6. Even the popular ‘Haunted Mansion’ celebrates the holidays

haunted mansion disneyland

7. ‘It’s a Small World Holiday’ looks astonishing with the Christmas lighting

small world holiday christmas

8. All the characters dress up in Christmas-themed clothes to spread the joy

disney characters christmas

9. Mickey’s Christmas party features fireworks too

disney christmas lights

10. You take home these souvenirs

christmas gift


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