10 Things All Coffee Lovers Would Surely Relate To

In this fast paced world, working without having a cup or two of coffee is practically impossible. A good cup of coffee can awaken your senses, it has the ability to bring the dead to life. The addiction and love for coffee is not because of one but many reasons, its heavenly taste, its exquisite aroma, the fact that it refreshes you every time you have a cup of it and also that it is the best anytime, anywhere drink! It can be your champagne when you’re joyful and it can be your beer when you’re grieving. There’s nothing a cup of coffee cannot suffice.

1. Every morning of our life starts with a cup of coffee





2. Our mind gets on a toll if we don’t take a cup of coffee for long




3. We’re very protective and defensive for our coffee mugs




4. We can NOT pass by CCD or Starbucks without having a mug because the aroma makes our heart skip a bit


Coffee Yeah Yeah


5. We’re very particular about the taste of our coffee





6. The worst day of our month is when the coffee runs out


any coffee


7. We simply hate it when someone talks about decaf coffee


ill kill you


8. There’s no such thing as “too much coffee”


18 cups


9. We’ve spoiled our clothes and other stuff way too many times by spilling the coffee


coffee cup


10. We love it when people tag us in coffee related posts on social media


Thanks mcHT

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