10 Things All Single Guys Have Been Wanting To Say To Girls!

 Women are like the Latin! Flamboyant, yet difficult to understand! But it is not just women that have a lot to say in order to comprehend but also we, the single men, who have a lot in our heads to get it out there in the open for the special someone to make things simple and transparent… Here is a list of 10 things that every single guy wants to tell!

1. It takes time for us to talk… normally!


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We actually have a vocabulary full of Shakespearean poetry in us to usher you with. But, not at the very first meeting! We find it difficult to churn the right words as we do not know how you will respond. But, as we get to know you better (provided you allow), the wordsmith inside us will blush you like no other.

2. We get envious when you talk to someone else… on purpose!


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Guys go green with jealousy. Nothing hidden there. It means they have a thing for you and want to take things forward. So, no harm in talking to him, right? Rather than spending time with his nemesis for whom you have no interest in!

 3.We don’t get the hints that you show.


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Hints and games on a day to day basis is too much for our cerebral process to take. We are already making strategies as to how to say something as simple as ‘Hi’ and when there are hints flying in the air of which we have no clue, we may end up ditching the whole ‘Hey, how are you?’ screenplay for you.

4. Nor are we a gifted mind reader!


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We wished we had the ability, but alas we don’t. We really don’t. We cannot read minds and understand whether ‘yes’ means ‘no’ and the other way round. We take things as literal as possible. We know this age old strategy of what you say is the opposite of what you mean… But, save this for him, when you both are far into a relationship! But not in the nascent stages please!

5. Not all men are the same.


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We can understand that there was a guy, and he ended up cheating on you. But, that does not mean that the very next guy who is being polite to you will also do the same. It would be a lot easier for us by not stereotyping men and then ask on Quora, “Where have all the nice guys gone?”

6. Don’t talk in circles, straight-forward talk please!


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We do not want to misinterpret any signals that come from you, and when it is a mixed one, then its never sunshine & rainbows at the end of it. Sometimes, we feel guilty of actually putting up so much effort and time to be with you. So, if your final answer is a ‘No’ right from the start, then be straightforward about it. If you are uncertain, then clarify. Do not keep us hanging the middle of nowhere.

7. We can be insecure too.


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We are the ones with few words, as we will listen to you. We may not say much of our insecurities because we do not want to over-burden you with it. But, we aren’t Greek Gods with a perfect body, and not all macho shown in the movies, we can cry too at times. We just want to be heard, just like you.

8. There is a reason he has not yet asked you out. Have patience.


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He wants to ask for a date, but still he hasn’t, you might wonder. There could be reasons galore. Maybe he is still figuring out whether you are the right one for him, or maybe he’s planning long-term (Yes we exist), or he wants to settle in first, before someone else with a Rolls Royce takes you away, or it could be that he just does not know how to approach. Give him a little time and he will definitely come around.

9. We appreciate modesty… a lot!


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You do not have to flaunt or mimic the hottest girl in the class to get his attention. We notice modesty and humility too. It makes you unique among all the others by just being yourself and you will have an undivided attention.

10. We can get nervous too.


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Albeit, we are are supposed to be manly, but we get the heebie jeebies too. Whether you approach us or vice-versa, or if it is a date, we take it very seriously because we do not want to ruin the precious and limited time that we get to spend with you. We want it to be perfect and so we do tend to be little conscious of everything around us.

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