10 Things Every Newbie In The City Can Relate To!!

Be it for education or for the new job, moving to a new city and then settling there isn’t as easy as it seems. It in fact can be a nerve-wracking ordeal. Although leaving your home brings a lot of bittersweet feelings but on the bright side, it never beats the excitement of going to a new city. You’re getting the freedom you always wanted, no time restrictions, no check on your social life; you’re finally going to have the time of your life. But, let’s weigh the cons now you’d be saying goodbye to the city you’ve known since birth, you’ll hardly get to see your parents, your friends, you’ll even miss your “annoying” relatives. You’ll surely live independently, but then you’ll have to get responsible!

Struggles every newbie face in town

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1. Yay! I’m free!

Say hello to freedom! I can finally enjoy night life the way it’s supposed to be done, i.e. coming back drunk from a party without the fear of getting caught.



2. And where’s my home cooked food?

Hostel’s mess food gives you the feeling of eating prison food. Number of morsels taken in is directly proportional to the tears rolling out of your eyes. It really sucks!

Hostel Food


3. This is so cool! I have a score of friends already!

Okay, so moving out isn’t that bad after all! I have found new friends, we hang out all night long, and life is good.

New Friends


4. Wow! People here are so weird!

2 months later, here I am, all alone. The all day long lectures in college, the horrible food at the mess- no one is available to chill for even an hour. Where am I lost? Who are these people? What happened to the “friends forever” caption?

New in College


5. Not so bad. I am independent and feel like a grown up already!

Living away from parents teaches a lot. I know I am mature enough to manage my own life and hey, this independent life sounds kinda cool!

I am an adult

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6. But all these responsibilities!

Staying independent only sounds cool. But the hell lot of responsibilities that get tagged along? Unbearable!

Live Life Independently

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7. I am moving to a new city. I am definitely going to explore every bit of it!

Explore new city

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8. Or maybe just sleep on the weekends.


Weekend Party


9. Okay, I want to quit and go back home

Everything’s a pain now!

I Love You my bed

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