101 Yr Old Indian Winning Gold In 100m Sprint Is Inspiring And Surreal

Completing a hundred years on this planet is in itself an achievement! Having conquered life’s dilemmas and diseases and becoming a centenarian. However, there are those rare entities who are beyond the limitations of life’s circumstances and achievement herculean feats, one of whom is the 101 year old Indian – Man Kaur.

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World Masters Games held in Auckland, New Zealand has an event of 100m race for the 100+ aged sprinters! Yes, centenarians racing to cross the finish line! The oldest participant was an Indian woman Man Kaur, aged 101 year old who went on to win gold medal in the competition. Her steady and smooth run was met with applause from the audience to witness the inspiring race of diligent sprinters!

She completed the run with an impressive figure of 1 minute and 14 seconds, just 64.42 seconds shy of Usain Bolt’s world record. Participation and not racing the clock, is the top-most priority for Kaur, who has been dubbed the “miracle from Chandigarh” in New Zealand. It is an unbelievable fact that she took up athletics at a tender age of 93!

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As the oldest entry at the WMG2017, she has won the hearts of many around the world, and 100m sprint run is not the only one she is competing in! She has also set her eyes on 200m race, shot and javelin! Her fitness goals at this age is surreal of epic proportions. So, what is your excuse of not getting up early for that morning run today?

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