12 Cover Songs That Are Arguably Better Than The Originals

A song is about more than just the music and words that go into it. In fact, it is about the mood and emotions that the artist pours into its entire creation. But more often than once, people and popular artists have managed to swipe away the words from an already well known song and turn it into something entirely different yet more appealing to the audience. Making a cover is in ways similar to singing a song that everyone already knows, but all you have to do is add your own style and touch to the song. Though, generally covers aren’t as good as the original, there are always exceptions. So here’s a look at some popular song covers that are shockingly better than the original!

1. Elastic Heart (FKA Twigs)

Orignial Artist: Sia

This single by Sia is no doubt an acoustic masterpiece even without its sensational music. For those of you (everyone) who thought that there was any way that this song could get any better, FKA Twigs has managed to accomplish the impossible. Her slow and sleeker version of the song is probably something that no one else could have hoped to create.

2. Hold On, We’re going home (Arctic Monkeys)

Original Artist: Drake

Although Drake has done a great job with his vocals in his song, but Arctic Monkeys has turned the song into a masterpiece and yes, the cover is undoubtedly far better than Drake’s original version. The song which starts up with a perky bass with sharp drums and tambourine with the smooth vocals of Alex Turner is surely addictive and once you hear it, it will surely go in your playlist.

3. Take Care- Florence and The Machine

Original Artist: Drake and Rihanna

Florence Welch surely has the most heavenly voice in the music industry and has done complete justice to the song ‘Take Care’ originally sung by Rihanna and Drake. Florence has rocked both Rihanna’s and Drake’s verses. With harps, strings and thumping drums in the background, this song surely deserves a place in our playlist. So plug in your earphones and get ready to have goosebumps.

4. Leopard-Skin Pill-Box Hat (Beck)

Orignial Artist: Bob Dylan

The original by Bob Dylan from his 1966 album was a classic electrical blues single with a set of playful lyrics. Despite the spiritedness of the original, Beck’s new fuzzed out version has managed to break apart the song and create something that has more ambiance and passion than the original.

5. We can’t stop (Boyce Avenue ft. Bea Miller)

Orignial Artist: Miley Cyrus

Sure the hit song by Miley Cyrus grew to be one of the most played tracks of the year but the cover by Boyce Avenue is something that’ll leave you hitting replay over and over again as the artist gives the song more soul than the original!

6. Jolene (The White Stripes)

Orignial Artist: Dolly Parton

This might not be something that Dolly fans take with ease, but the truth is that although Parton’s voice turns the song a truly heartfelt number, The White Stripes managed to turn it into a stunning piece entirely. This goes to show that even a man can sing the lines meant for a feminine voice with the right gusto as long as the emotion behind them is strong enough.

7. Better have my money (Kelly Clarkson)

Orignial Artist: Rihanna

This terribly catchy and addictive single by Rihanna might have been your ‘jam’ but wait till you hear Kelly Clarkson’s strong vocals giving new life to the lyrics. She manages to turn the controversial song into a PG-13 version with a verse that’s as catchy (if not more) than the original.

8. Higher Ground (Red Hot Chilli Peppers)

Orignial Artist: Stevie Wonder

Who would have thought that a classic by the legend himself could possibly get any better than it already was, but the Red Hot Chilli Peppers managed to get it done by breaking apart the song and incorporated their classic style and a catchy guitar riff that leaves the cover more appealing to the ears than before!

9. Hands to Myself/Sorry (Troye Sivan)

Orignial Artist: Selena Gomez/Justin Bieber

Set aside doing a cover for a single hit track, Troye Sivan manages to take two songs apart and put them back together in a way that they sound even better than their original versions. The singer’s iconic style and music joins the lyrics of the two songs seamlessly in a manner that is not much short of perfection.

10. Dazed and Confused (Led Zeppelin)

Orignial Artist: Jack Holmes

Most of you probably don’t know that this chart topper by Led Zeppelin was actually the a ‘cover’ of the cheery folk tune by Jack Holmes that never really got as much recognition as the version that we all know today.

11. Twist and Shout (The Beatles)

Orignial Artist: The Isley Brothers

So this top track, which hit the number 2 position on America’s charts, by The Beatles was a cover that turned out to be something truly incredible. The funniest part being that Lennon voice was raspy from his cold at the time of its recording which resulted in a new sound altogether for this legendary band and worked for them in ways they couldn’t have imagined.

12. Not Afraid (Sparsh)

Orignial Artist: Eminem

It is general opinion that making a cover for a rap song isn’t such a great idea, but perceptions will change once you hear this absolutely stunning cover of one of Eminem’s most iconic raps. The most shocking part is that this cover is actually by a kid who’s probably much younger than you are, and it’s as addictive to listen to as the original single!

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