12 Surprising Everyday Items That Have Animal Parts

If you follow a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle or even if you thought of “reducing” your meat intake by doing your part against factory farming, but remember, as consumers you need to be prepared to face some “icky” realities. Here are some unexpected items that contain animal by-products!

1. Bone China Crockery Contains Animal Bones

Have you ever given a thought to the word “bone” in bone-china? Well, this beautiful style of crockery isn’t that harmless as it appears. It contains bones of animals. The crockery is manufactured in a heartless and cruel manner of using slaughterhouse by products. Animal bones obtained from slaughterhouses are heated at high temperatures, combined with water and clay and then fashioned into our favorite cups, saucers, and other crockery.


Bone China Crocery

2. Drum Head Are Made Of Cow’s Skin

Hides of goats, cows and other livestock are used to make drum-heads. The reason behind this is to give the drums an authentic look, feel and sound. Many other musical instruments like violins and guitars make use of animal products. Some companies advocate the use of lanolin, tallow, or other animal oils to clean drum heads. There was a time when piano keys were made of authentic ivory, hooves, bones and horns of many animals. Violin strings are made of horse-hair many a times.


Drums made up of Cow's skin

3. Refined Sugar Is Made Of Bone Char

The refining process for sugar uses bone char which is derived from animal ashes. In fact this is exactly what gives sugar its white color. An alternative to this is maybe opting for unrefined organic sugar.

Sugar contains animal ashes


4. Ice Cream Contains Animal Fat

There is a high probability that your ice creams and shakes may contain animal fat. Many ice cream brands use capric acid, a fatty acid which is derived from animal fat. So, check your label before handing out cash to the shopkeeper the next time you dig into your tub of favorite ice creams!

Ice Cream


5. Bread Contains Pig Hair

This everyday breakfast item contains protein from pig hair which is used to soften the doe. Researchers claim that there’s a chance it might have traces of human hair as well!

Bread Contains Pig Meat


6. Plastic Bags Contain Animal Fat

Plastic bags contain animal fat which serves as a “slip-agent” and is added to other plastic items as well. While this may be a cheaper alternative to paper bags, plastic bags in general are very harmful for the environment and it’s always better to switch to a more eco-friendly alternative.



7. Shampoos Often Contain Animal Products

Not one, not two, but over 20 animal products can be found in shampoos and conditioners. Remember reading the terms amino acids, vitamin B, panthenol at the back of your shampoo bottle? Yes, these are some ingredients which may be derived from animals! The best way to know if there are animal-sourced ingredients in your shampoo or beauty products is to contact the company and ask. Many companies will not list the word ‘animal’ from the fear of losing customers.



8. Toothpaste May Contain Animal Fat

We’re sorry to bring it to you, but your toothpaste might contain animal derived glycerin. Although this glycerin might be plant derived, there is more likely a chance for it to be made from extracting the fat from animal bones. Gross, right? Well, the next time you go for grocery shopping, make sure you arm yourself with proper knowledge and maybe choose a reliable 100% vegan toothpaste.

Toothbrush contains Glycerin


9. Nail Polishes Contain Fish Bones

While that sparkly manicure indeed gives your hands a glow, that shimmery nail paint you just colored your fingers with, might contain shattered fish bones. There are loads of vegan options; cosmetic companies also use aluminium for the same purpose and should probably stick to it instead of fooling customers to paint their fingertips with dead fish!

Nail Polish contains Fish Bones


10. Paint Brushes Are Made Of Animal Hair

Surprisingly, the least unexpected things also contain animal-sourced derivatives in them. That natural paintbrush you have been using as a child to paint sceneries, pots etc. is made with real hair- plucked from horses, squirrels, and even goat. So maybe next time, try looking for synthetic brushes. Also, the crayons we use to fill colors in our paintings also contain stearic acid, or beef tallow, which gives crayons their waxy consistency and smell.

Paint brushes and Crayons


11. Perfumes Are Made From Castor Sacs Of Beavers

Castoreum is one of the most commonly found ingredients in perfumes. Castoreum comes from beavers’ castor sacs – a gland located between the animal’s pelvis and the base of its tail. This ingredient is common to scents with vanilla. So maybe going for a more animal friendly perfume which doesn’t have Castoreum added to its list of ingredients.

Perfumes contains Castoreum


12. Beers And Wines Contain Chemicals From Fish Bladders

Beer and wine are known to contain isinglass, a chemical which is found in fish bladders. Isinglass gathers stray yeast cells during the fermenting process and solidifies them into a mass, which floats to the bottom of the barrel for removal.

Beer contains Fish


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