12 Things Girls Would Never Ever Want To Hear From Their Boyfriends

Guys, there are some unspoken rules which we girls sincerely hope you knew. Seriously, it would make your and our life much much easier, and everyone would be left unhurt! Here are some things which you should never say to your woman!

1. “Are you sure you’ll fit in that dress?”

Did you indirectly call me FAT? Noooo…..


2. “Why do you look so tired?”

No, I am not tired, sick or on drugs! It’s my face! Guys seriously, stop pissing us off already!

3. “My ex cooks so well”

Aw that’s sweet! Can I feed you a poison-pie for dessert?

4. “Are you on your period?”

Guys, we know we have our mood swings. But a little drama doesn’t mean it’s that time of the month.

5. “You need to calm down”

Ok, shut up! Don’t ask us to calm down! The next time you say that, we’ll probably throw a chair right at you.


6. “But that’s not a word”

I know there’s no word as irregardless, but you have no right to correct my grammar. Its rude!

7. “Woah! That girl’s hot”

Ok guys, here’s a tip. Girls will always trick you into answering the question “Do you think she’s hot?” And God save you, if you say YES to that!

8. “What’s wrong with your hair?”

Yes, we women do have our bad hair days. Doesn’t mean you have to remind us about them.

9. “I don’t like your friends.”

Yeah, well, they don’t like you either.

10. “You are such a drama queen”

And why are you guys such jerks?

11. “You sure you’ll drive?”

Why do you guys always doubt our driving skills, we haven’t killed anyone yet!

12. “How much time do you need to get ready?”

Priming, contouring, highlighting, blending… yes! It takes time…

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