1,200 Musicians Come Together to Perform Nirvana’s Cult Classic “Smells Like Teen Spirit” And It Is Breath-Taking!

Rockin’ 1000 has done it again! This time a bigger and larger group of more than 1,200 musicians performing the cult classic “Smells Like Teen Spirit” by the American rock band Nirvana is going viral all over the social media!

Watch the viral video of their performance here:

They have been described as the “Biggest Band In The World” and the ambience is definitely a psychedelic experience as hundreds of thousands of fans gather to watch their favourite rock songs being performed live!
In case you are wondering what is the buzz all about, then Rockin’1000 is a group of rock musicians (and by a group, we mean a 1000 of them!) mainly from Cesena, Italy who came together in 2015 to sing a song of the rock band Foo Fighter in order to get their attention.
They did succeed and the Foo Fighters came all the way to Cesena, Italy and performed for their fans!
Here is their first act of the Foo Fighter’s hit number “Learn To Fly” that got them 34 million YouTube views!!

Fabio Zaffagnini is the creator of the project who made Rockin’ 1000 possible, and has worked to secure funding (through crowdfunding).

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