14 Things All Men Do But Would Never Accept Doing

Despite the vast amount of things that men do in general, there lies an entire iceberg beneath this tip that consists of innumerable things that they do but will never admit to having done. Here’s a list of things that all men do but will never admit to in public, especially when in company of colleagues or even their own significant other!

1. They watch Chick Flicks



Who said Chick Flicks are only for girls? There are a number of times when even guys are in the mood for some feminine drama, but beware, it’s very rare to find a guy who admits to having this guilty pleasure of having a brainless watch once in a while.

2. They groom themselves



With the passage of time, men have become increasingly appearance conscious and this has led to a vast amount of men getting bleached, waxed, plucked and what not!

3. They check out other guys



No, not romantically, but the way women check out someone else’s appearance or attire, men do exactly the same in their own department, the only difference being that they keep their opinions and comments to themselves rather than complain like we do!

4. They’re conscious about length



So, I believe this one is self-explanatory. It goes without saying that every guy has at some point of time wondered and even googled whether it is enough.

5. They love to gossip


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Despite the fact that in general girls are considered the queens of gossiping and getting into other people’s business, the truth is in far from this fact. Men have been found to talk about other people in gossip groups far more often than women do, the only difference is that they won’t admit to doing it!

6. They like to pout while taking selfies



Sure, this one doesn’t apply to all men, but the fact that an increasing number of men have been secretly trying out the famed duckface with their front cameras is something that they probably never admit to anyone.

7. They are brand and clothing conscious



It’s a general stereotype that guys don’t care about what they wear or carry with them (a few exceptions do exist) but in reality, all men are brand conscious to a certain extent, they just hate to admit it.

8. They refuse sex



What? Really? This statement definitely goes against the age old belief that men are machines ready to get it on whenever and wherever possible. But studies have shown that 22% of the time, men are more likely to refuse sex than women, well, this sure changes everything.

9. They like to cuddle



Another stark revelation in the bedroom department! Who knew that men had a soft side which actually likes all the things that pop culture tells us they hate? They probably even like the cheesy nicknames too.

10. They check the mirror more often than you’d expect



Yes folks, it’s been proven that all men preen and if not more than at least as much as women. Men have been found to be a lot obsessed with their looks than they would care to admit, and there is no man out there who hasn’t flexed his muscles in front of the mirror disregarding whether he has any.

11. They cry



That’s right ladies and gentlemen, all men cry, and it’s not just at a funeral or when Michael Oher gets a place to live in ‘The Blind Side’. They actually do cry more often than we think and in some cases, more than women do!

12. They are at times ‘sappy’ and ‘romantic’



Sappiness is something we usually associate with women, taking the stereotype into account that they have tender hearts, but the truth lies in the fact that guys are sappy too. They may tell you that they’re not romantic but trust me, get a guy the right girl and you’ll see a whole new side that you never expected to before.

13. They actually enjoy cocktails and other feminine drinks




It’s true, though men will generally order their own masculine whiskey or beer, they don’t shy away from having a taste of a cocktail or two because let’s face it, cocktails look way more attractive and are easier on the taste buds.

14. They watch A LOT of porn



This is one thing that we all know, that guys watch porn on a regular basis. But the fact that they watch a lot and I mean a lot of porn is lesser known. Not to mention that they refrain from admitting to this habit in front of others especially women.

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