14 Things That We’ve All Done When In Hauz Khas

For every Delhihite, Hauz Khas is the first place you pick when your friends ask you where to hang if you haven’t already been there enough to calm your nerves. Sure Hauz Khas has its expensive lanes, but the ambience of the area, the peace of the lake and of course, the yummy outlets are enough to make it a place for every Delhi youngster to add on the ‘to go’ list. But whether it’s your first time or your twentieth, there are a few things that everyone has done over their acquaintance with Hauz Khas, and I’m pretty sure everything on this list applies to you!

1. Gotten off at the Hauz Khas metro station instead of Green Park


Hauz Khas metro station instead of Green Park


While the name may lead you to believe otherwise, the right station to get off at if you want to go to Hauz Khas is definitely Green Park. So if you wanna save a bit of chillar on your auto ride, then keep that in mind the next time you travel on the Yellow line.

2. Wandered the lonesome paths of the fort


Wandered the lonesome paths of the fort


Hauz Khas is famous for its ancient fort, and if you’ve gone there then you’ve definitely wandered through the dark halls and checked out the useless doors leading to nowhere. You probably witnessed some sort of photo shoot going on in the grass belts next to the fort’s exemplary architecture as well!

3. Avoided couples trying to get a little too cozy at the fort


Avoided couples trying to get a little too cozy at the fort


Whether you were one of those couples, or you were with a troupe of friends, you definitely tried to stay away from any couple getting a little too handsy in the area. And well, if you were one of those couples, try the lower level hallways next time for better luck!

 4. Flaunted all the English you could get your hands on


Flaunted all the English


If speaking in English isn’t an all-time thing for you to do and you prefer to stick to your desi lingo, HKV is one place where you probably tried to shed off as much English as you could manage. Odds are, you probably even took that hidden fake accent out for a spin!

5. Ate out at Social Offline


Hauz Khas


Ever since the movie Tamasha made it more famous, Social Offline has been the hub of Hauz Khas newbies especially because of its quirky ambience and décor. And well, the food is great too, kudos for the Oreo Mud Pot shake!

6. Got lost in the lanes while trying to find a café (and still couldn’t pick the right one!)




Every trip to Hauz Khas involves getting lost at least once even if it’s not your first time. Whether it’s while trying to find the perfect café and rejecting every one you walk into or trying to find that perfect shop that you saw last time, at least it’s a place where getting lost is kind of fun!

7. Clicked pictures in front of the lake


Clicked pictures in front of the lake


Whether it’s a selfie or a proper photo-shoot of you and your gang, all of us have gotten clicked in front of the slightly green tinged waters of Hauz Khas lake. The color may be a little off, but you have to admit, it’s beautiful.

8. Ooh-ed and Aah-ed at the grand graffiti


Ooh-ed and Aah-ed at the grand graffiti


That’s right; the graffiti on the walls of Hauz Khas’s alleys is great and impactful as well. So whether it was a political piece or that one graffiti of Goku near the lake, it’s obviously something that deserves appreciation.

9. Hit up some cool shops


Restaurant story photo on


Hauz Khas has a plethora of little shops with a variety of items from exquisite dresswear to quirky personal items. And if you don’t like any of those, then it’s always a good time to hit Chumbak.

10. Hoarded up on a shit load of selfies


hauz khas


If there’s one thing that everyone has done in Hauz Khas, it’s taking a ton of selfies with your friend. Guess it can’t be helped when you have such enthralling beauty surrounding you.

11. Danced on tiny dance floors


hauz khas


HKV may be known for its Night life, but the truth is, there isn’t enough space for a single club to have invested in a decently sized dance floor. So get ready to get up close and personal with absolute strangers while you sway to the beat.

12. Gotten your alcohol level checked by the Police


hauz khas


A night out in Hauz Khas is always filled with surprises and one of them is always being sprung by the Police the moment you walk out of the club. Getting your alcohol level checked with a meter is definitely not an experience you’d expect to get anywhere else!

13. Slurped down the famous ‘kulfiano’ kulfi


hauz khas


It’s not a trip to HKV until you’ve had a taste of that kulfi that everyone you know keeps talking about. At least now when someone mentions Hauz Khas, you can proudly give them advice and tell them to try it out themselves!

14. Checked in on Facebook


hauz khas village


It isn’t enough to go to Hauz Khas and come back home. You have to tell your family, your friends and every other scoundrel you may be friends with on Facebook!

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