15 Barney Stinson Moments That Cracked Us Up

Undoubtedly, How I Met Your Mother is one of the most popular shows ever despite having met it’s finale years ago. It’s a show that has everything; romance, humor, action and even life lessons and things that you can even relate to your own life. But if you ask yourself what’s the most important part of the show, the answer will probably be Barney Stinson.

How i met your mother

Barney is pretty much the best character in the entire cast of five protagonists. And without him, the show just wouldn’t have been possible. So hats off to Neil Patrick Harris with some of the moments when his role as Barney Stinson surely made us laugh!

1. When he didn’t know who his daddy was

Barney Stinson

 2. Barney’s attachment to his suit


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3. When there were no bad pictures of Barney ever

Barney ever

4. This default reaction


5. Barney being ‘cool’

sitting at the bar

6. The only time Barney ever wore sweatpants

barney sweatpants

7. Barney’s perfect excuse

wedding dress campout

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8. This Barney-Marshall moment

give me signal

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9. When Barney tried asking Robin a personal question

ask her something

10. Barney being the best bro

bro macdonald

11. The many one rules

ted what is my one rule

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12. Barney’s negotiation style

touch one boob

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13. The sacred vow

sacred vow

 14. When Barney explained the three day rule

rule is insane

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15. Remember Barney’s video, that he made for landing a job?

all my life

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