15 Events That Made 2016 An Unforgettable Year

Each time around the end of a year, we feel that the year passed away in a flick and it never feels like it’s been 365 days already. But each year brings along a lot of unexpected moments and discoveries and leaves with an impact. And before we bid our goodbyes to the year 2016, we bring to you some of the most eventful stories that made headlines thus making 2016 as one of the most memorable and unforgettable years.

1. Odd-Even on Delhi roads

odd even rule

The year began with the infamous Odd-Even rule in Delhi which was initiated by the capital’s CM Arvind Kejriwal. Though, the regulation could not really help control pollution as it was earlier thought by the AAP leaders, but it did popularize Arvind Kejriwal throughout the country.

2. JNU event that took a toll on the country

jnu protest

The biggest story that made major breaking news in the beginning of this year was the JNU protest. The protests happened after some of the university students were found celebrating the Death Anniversary of Afzal Guru, a Kashmir separatist who was convicted in the Indian Parliament Attack in the year 2001, in the college premises. The events created havoc in the entire country due to the involvement of political parties, protests they held and other conflicting events. The subject matter was in the news for quite a few months and was debated in the parliament as well.

3. Finally an Oscar for Leo

leo oscar news story

Yes! 2016 will go down in the history books and will be remembered because the terrific actor Leonardo DiCaprio finally earned his most deserving Oscar. Even after giving smashing hits, receiving numerous other awards and being nominated for the academy award 6 times, he was pretty unlucky at it until this year.

4. Launch of the Reliance JIO Sim

mukesh ambani reliance jio

In the month of August, Mukesh Ambani launched the Reliance JIO 4G sim that offered calling and data services for free making the nation go berserk in order to avail the offer. In fact, the offers which were earlier to be called off by December 31st were later extended to March 31st 2017 because of the massive response from the masses.

5. India’s first women fighter pilots

india's first 3 women fighter pilot

Undeniably, year 2016 has been fantastic for the women of India. With major accomplishments, many women engraved their names in the history books. Three amongst those were, Avani Chaturvedi, Mohana Singh, and Bhawna Kanth who were commissioned as the India’s first three women fighter pilots in various branches of the Indian Air Force.

6. India formally joined MTCR (Missile Technology Control Regime)

india joins MTCR

Another major accomplishment that India bagged was getting into the MTCR  after being rejected to get into the NSG. MTCR membership enabled India to buy high-end missile technology and also enhance its joint ventures with Russia.

7. Pokemon Go fever

pokemon Go fever

Every year, numerous games and apps are launched but there a few that send people in a frenzy. The revamped version of Pokemon, as Pokemon Go made some serious and some hilarious headlines in the year 2016. Though, the PokemonGo fever subsided in a few months but for whatever time it stayed, people went crazy.

8. Pakistan attack and the surgical strike

india surgical strike story

Year 2016 was very tough for the India-Pakistan relations. After Pakistan broke the LOC and attacked our soldiers, the afflictions were unstoppable. India, then conducted the surgical strike in which they crossed the LOC and destroyed Terrorist camps along the LOC without hurting the civilians which was a major step taken by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

9. Women created history at Rio Olympics

sakhi malik PV sindhu Dipa karmakar

Dipa Karmakar, Sakshi Malik and PV Sindhu, are the three wonder women who made the entire country extremely proud at the Rio Olympics 2016. Dipa Karmakar became the first Indian woman gymnast to reach vault finals, Sakshi Malik became the first Indian woman to win Bronze for the country in wrestling and PV Sindhu bagged the Silver medal. Their names are definitely going down in the history.

10. India got it’s first Mr. World

mr. world rohit khandelwal

India is already known for its earthy Indian beauties, who have on more than one account, taken up the mantle of Miss Universe and Miss World in the past years. But we couldn’t achieve the Mr. World title until Rohit Khandelwal won it for India a few months back.

11. The historical Brexit conundrum

brexit news story

This year will forever be remembered by the people of Britain and the World as Britain made an unexpected exit from the EU and people went in frenzy for not being able to decide what to choose. The results were announced soon after and Britain ended up exiting the European Union.

12. Global Citizen Concert

chris martin and A R Rahman

For the very first time, Coldplay  came to perform in India and fans got their minds blown. The event was a huge success especially. The crowd had goosebumps and were filled with patriotism when Coldplay’s lead singer Chris Martin sang along with Indian music legend A. R. Rahman to Vande Matram.

13. Delhi Pollution at its worst

delhi pollution news

This year’s Diwali celebrations resulted in less of joy and more of trouble. The amount of pollution that was resulted after the interminable burning of crackers created mayhem in the city. People suffered from numerous problems due to the dense smog making it highly difficult for the Delhiites to survive. It took a few weeks for the condition to get better but Delhi still stands in the top most polluted cities.

14. The new American President- Donald Trump

donald trump victory news

After the 10 amazing years of Barack Obama’s leadership period, America chose Donald Trump to be its next president and the world felt doomed. The result came out as a shock to many American citizens. Not much can be said what the coming 5 years hold for America and the entire world but all we can do is be hopeful.

15. Demonetization

demonetization news story

Undeniably, the biggest and the most important happening for all Indians this year was the unforeseen ban of currency notes of Rs. 500 and Rs. 1000 by PM Narendra Modi. The  sudden note ban took the nation aback. Although, maximum people came out in support of the decision but the associated problems do not seem to end.

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