15 Everyday Things That Give You Sheer Joy and Relief

In the midst of a long hectic day there are some moments that give us an inexplicable satisfaction, something that make us thank the good lord for and it’s these little moments and the little-little things that keep us going.


1. Taking off those stilettoes after a major dance night

Although those pretty heels helped you get a date, and have a dance on your favorite tracks, but who are we kidding, your feet is suffering real bad now and getting rid off them is truly a sigh of relief!

Hope you didn’t get a shoe bite.

Emma Thomson throwing shoes


2. Getting the contact lens out of your eyes

Only people who wear contacts can get this, the amazing feel, the relaxation eyes get after getting rid the contacts after a long working day. No matter how pretty the contact lenses make you look but wearing them all day is sometimes unbearable and can make your eyes soar.

Remove Contact Lenses


3. Finally getting that thing out of your teeth

You were enjoying your guava when the little seed got stuck in your molars. Now you’re not even home that you can use your brush nor you can find a toothpick. How annoying would that be? And after the huge amount of struggle that your tongue did. It finally gets out of there.

It’s like winning the biggest battle of your life!

Crazy Dance


4. Taking off your bra after the end of the day

Well! Every girl certainly knows how pleasurable it is to take your bra off at the end of a long exhausting day. The relief one gets after removing a bra is divine infact taking it off after a long day actually makes wearing one totally worth it. It is surely one of the best part of the day for every girl.

Take off bra


5. Changing out of your jeans into your sweatpants

You love when your body hugging jeans gives perfect shape to your legs but along with that comes the discomfort hat you have to deal with, all day long. What could possibly be more comforting than getting your jeans off your body after the end of the day and wearing you soft, comfortable sweatpants?



6. Not having to iron a shirt early in the morning

You woke up pretty late and now you are running late for work, you open your closet and thankfully your favorite shirt is on the hanger neatly ironed which gives you the crisp office look.

Didn’t that just made you even more confident?

Not having to iron a shirt


7. Metro doors closed just after you got in. And hey! You didn’t even get hurt

You got off the local bus, pushed aside two women on your way, rushed yourself through the stairs and just when you thought you couldn’t catch up the train, you somehow managed to enter just a second before the doors got shut. Well! How satisfying is that?

And you just sighed remembering that day, didn’t you?



8. A well-made bed in your hotel room

The feeling you get when you reach your hotel room after a long exhausting journey and there lies the bed which is so effing soft and comfortable that you think of spending the whole life in your hotel room on that bed and ditch all your plans.

A well-made bed in your hotel room

9. The news that your Boss is on leave

Coming to office while you are still in a bad hangover from the last night’s party is terrible but there is nothing better that can take you out of that hangover than getting the news that your boss is on leave.

Boss is on leave

10. Getting the first bite of your favorite meal after starving for long

You only had one sandwich for breakfast and now its dinner time already. Although you’re going to love eating anything even if it’s some vegetable that you dislike the most but Hallelujah! You just got your favorite pizza for dinner.

How was the first bite, by the way? Heaven, right?


11. Finding money in your old worn-out jeans

Finding money in your jeans that you haven’t worn for quite a while now is surely the one of the best feelings ever.

Finding money in your old worn-out jeans

12. Someone cancels the plan that you didn’t want to go ahead with anyway

You finally got a day’s leave from a hectic week but your friends don’t want you to rest but want you to hang around with them. And then you’re stuck in the dilemma but the other person calls up and tells you that the plan has been postponed.

*You throw the phone away and sleep*

I don't care

13. When you find an extra rubber band when you badly needed it

You go out with your hair all open and clean but the weather is so humid that your hair are going frizzy but where the hell did you loose that rubber band. You can’t find it anywhere and then you search more in your handbag, and there it is, lying in the corner. Phew! Lucky

Hair Band

14. Getting discount on an old shopping card

You’ve been busy the whole week and didn’t get time to go for shopping. But one day you finally take some time out but then you realize you are not carrying your discount card with you. Just when you thought of dropping the idea, you find it right there in your purse.

Wow! That must be the best thing happened to you in the day.


15. Good picture day

When you haven’t changed your display picture on a social networking site for a long time because you don’t have an2y and then you get the perfect shot, with some little filters, there it is! #Beauty in the picture! Finally the picture you were waiting for so long!

Good picture day

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