15 Moments From Modern Family That Made You Absolutely Love The Show

Modern Family is a sitcom that has it all; it has emotion, real life drama and of course a ton of humor. With a terrific cast of characters (including the stunning Sophia Vergera) it’s no wonder that this show is amongst the favorites of all those who have seen it. And if you haven’t come across it yet, then I’m pretty sure the following funniest moments from the show will make you want to check it out as soon as possible!

1. The good thing about Luke’s report card

luks report card

2. When Phil made ‘Phil’s osophy’


3. That’s not the closet he was talking about


4. About pink…

hate more

5. This argument

this argument

6. The bad cousin

the bad cousin

7. This blatant truth

this blatant truth

8. When Manny had to go through this ordeal


9. Phil’s incredible decision making skills

incredible decision

10. The opposite of going home

go home

11. ‘One with flash’

say chease

12. When this snappy comment backfired on Hayley


13. Advertising gone wrong


14. ‘It’s not what you think’

you think

15. When Lily was too sassy for her age


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