15 Pictures Which Show Why Moscow Is Magical In Christmas

Christmas is here and we couldn’t be happier. The joy and happiness Christmas brings along is just next level with the streets and malls adorned with beautiful lights and other embellishments, cool breeze, joy of seeing snowflakes, having friends and families¬†over house parties and the excitement of welcoming a New year, it is pretty safe to say that it’s the most exciting time of the year. And with many countries celebrating the festival in their own way,¬†Photographer Kristina Makeeva¬†beautifully captured the Moscow city in these stunning pictures and we’re having a hard time keeping our eyes off them. Check these out and we bet you would surely want to pack your bags and witness the city in all its Christmas glory.

1. How jealous am I of the little Husky?

moscow husky

2. Snow or Stardust?

moscow snow

3. Let the best friends be

moscow snow friends

4. And the lovers too. Aww..

lovers in moscow

5. That’s the prettiest sight

pretty moscow

6. Bow down to the creator up above!

moscow christmas time

7. Is this real or has someone stroked the brushes?

moscow painting

8. The magic!moscow magic

9. He seems to be hypnotized with the beauty around him

dog in moscow

10. The lights will guide you home

lights in moscow

11. THIS defines beauty

beautiful moscow

12. Because, Christmas is coming!

christmas tree in moscow

13. Just wanna fly away

swing in moscow

14. Open to happiness

moscow happiness

15. And I’m off to Moscow

moscow tree

All images are sourced from Instagram

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