15 Posts That Perfectly Describe Book Lovers

Being a book worm is not an easy task, especially if you don’t already own a gigantic library like Belle in Beauty and the Beast. But what sucks the most is feeling like no one truly understands you, even your closest friends and family. Well, never fear fellow bibliophiles, there actually are people scattered all over the world (and in turn the internet) who know exactly how you feel. And hopefully, these few posts will put you at ease, because I’m pretty sure they sum up what being a book nerd is really about.

1. Where all of our money goes

how i spend money


2. Telling people about our sole hobby


3. When there’s a huge load of work to do but the book is too tempting

book is tempting

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 4. And in that moment, we were all Justin


5. When people don’t understand the extent of your power

Extent of power

6. When the books you read haven’t been made into a show or movie yet

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7. When the shelf is brimming but you still want more

i want more


8. We’re looking at you George RR Martin

George RR Martin

9. This is just so true that it hurts

when you read a book with no fandom


10. The process of reading

process of reading


11. When you wanna start something new but you feel the obligation to finish the book you’re currently reading

strart a new book


12. The utter disappointment of real life

disappointment of real life


13. There have been times when we were all Gollum



14. The categories that Goodreads should have

jesskiddingbooks Instagram


15. These are the facts you quote when people ask you why you read so much

5 facts about reading

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